TLC: Tomato-Loving Care

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Fresh tomatoes should never be stored in the fridge. The refrigerator kills the texture of the tomato, turning its flesh mealy and grainy.

Tomatoes a little tough – a little orange? You can stare at it ’em long as you want but those tomatoes are not going to get any redder. To ripen tomatoes quickly, place them stem-up in a brown grocery bag. Fold the bag and seal it tightly, leaving approximately 4 inches above the tomatoes.

A tightly sealed bag will keep ethylene, a natural gas involved in the ripening process, in the bag allowing the tomatoes to ripen more quickly. Check the tomatoes daily until you’re satisfied with the results.

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  • You are so right about the ethylene. It will ruin a good green tomato. The best ones are firm and bright green… If you are frying them that is!

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