Friday Finds: Shredding Chicken With a Mixer

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Shredding Chicken With a Mixer

Most things on the internet seem to fall into two categories:

1) Whoa! How about a NSFW warning next time?!

Shredding chicken with a stand mixer. And after poking around on Pinterest, I see that someone has even used a regular hand mixer. 4 years ago. And if someone doesn’t tell me that this is new to them, you can mark me down as officially the last person to know.

Maybe there’s no benefit in getting the mixer bowl dirty when you’re looking at shredding 1-2 chicken breasts. But when the mixer bowl is already out because you made a quadruple batch of pizza dough for the freezer? You can throw the the breasts and tenders from 6 split breasts into the mixer and in ~25 seconds on low speed, you have perfectly shredded chicken. So you can spend a rainy afternoon rolling 5 million 4 million flautas for the freezer.

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  • Sarah

    You’d have to mark us as the last two people – I never even thought to try this and I use my kitchen aid for a pretty diverse task list. I wonder how this would work for pulled pork? I might have to try it!

  • Katie Rose

    You aren’t last!! And you’re timing is impeccable since I’m making a HUGE batch of chicken for Sunday’s birthday party and I thought I was going to be there forever dealing with shredding the chicken. Thank you! 🙂

    (Of course, you may have been second to last 😉 )

  • Nope. I didn’t know about this, either. I feel a double batch of chicken enchiladas coming on.

  • Amy J.

    JUST heard about this (with pork loin) at the Taste of Home cooking show last night and it blew my mind! Shredding meat is one of my absolutely least favorite things to do in the kitchen. (Heck, I’d rather scrub my floors), so now I’m convinced that I NEED a Kitchenaid mixer for this alone. haha

  • Love this tip!! Genius!

  • I found this on Pinterest too. Makes chicken enchilada night so much easier!

  • Yes, yes, yes. Loved this tip from Pinterest. We did this for a huge batch of BBQ chicken for a birthday party, and what would have taken at least an hour (yes, that much chicken) took less than 5 minutes. This tip convinced my husband that Pinterest does have more to offer than just “girlie stuff.”

  • Joanna


  • I didn’t know I could use a hand mixer too! Now I must try!

  • How did I not know this?!!! And it really was posted in 2008! Geez, where have I been all this time?

  • Oh my GAH! Why did I not know this sooner! I hate shredding chicken more than almost any kitchen task, so Ben usually ends up doing it. We both thank you.

  • Terri A.

    Seriously? No, you are not the last to know! Can’t wait to try this!

  • This idea is brilliant; I’d never heard of it either! Thank you for sharing!!

  • I absolutely LOVE this idea and have never seen this before so you are certainly not the last to know! I cannot stand shredding checking…if it is in a recipe it goes into the “maybe one day” category but certainly isn’t doing itself any favors so I am thrilled to know that is no longer a deal breaker for me with so many delicious recipes!

  • Somebody may have already mentioned this – but it’s also great for shredded pork or beef – in particular I love to do it to make Pulled BBQ Pork for Pork sandwiches! Cook a big roast in the crock pot all day, then pop it in the mixer for a couple of minutes, pour on the BBQ and it’s done!!

  • Omeghan

    WoW! Great Idea! I didnt know either..Prolly would work
    too on hard boiled eggs for egg salad and avocado for guac.

  • I found this a few months ago and it changed my life!! haha!

  • I didn’t know about that.. Useful piece of information it is!

  • I have been doing this for a few months now, I will never go back. I use it for pulled pork too, works like a charm!

  • Sherri W

    OMG!!! One of my least favorite things to do is shred chicken… it’s so worth getting the mixing bowl out so I don’t have to shred chicken!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 🙂

  • Kelly

    My. Life. Is. Complete. Thank you!! I never knew about this either. My husband HATES doing this and will avoid it at any cost! This is going to be world-changing in our-toddler-won’t-wait-that-long-for-dinner world!

  • I LOVE this trick. So worth dirtying the mixer, even for two pieces 🙂

  • Genelle Pretty

    I tried this last night and it worked well. Thank you for the sugestion!!

  • Mia

    I so wish I’d read this 2 weeks ago before the dinner party where I shredded a ton of chicken by hand for a fajita bar. (BTW, thanks for the dulce de leche cupcake recipe – it was a nice end to my Mexican-themed party)

  • I’m going with #2 – how did I not know this either?! Love the tip and can’t wait to try it next time 🙂

  • So glad you found this tip as useful as I did! It’s seriously amazing!

  • I’m with you, I had no idea we could do this. This is genius, I absolutely loathe shredding chicken!

  • Pam

    Nice tip! I use my stand mixer to mix ingredietnts for meatloaf. Works like a charm too!

  • After shredding the first of 7 chicken breasts for a party tonight, a lightbulb went off and I remembered this awesome tip you shared! You have no idea how much time (and potential arthritis) you just saved me!

  • Phyllis Brittenham

    Wow! I shredded 2lbs of cooked chicken breasts tonight. Incredible! It worked incredibly well!!

  • Great tip for me! I love making lots of meals at once and this will make the job so much easier. Thanks.

  • KZ

    Guess I’m officially the last to find out. lol

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