Marathon Mond- er, Wednesdays: Week 3

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Week 3’s “big run” will go down in history:
1. My longest run ever.
2. The second-most humid run-start ever at 95% humidity.
3. That run where I limped the last 3/4 mile home in excruciating pain. In the rain. With hands so swollen (sausage fingers!) I couldn’t make a proper fist.
4. The most humid run-finish ever at 100% humidity.

Aside from 92 hours of virtually unmedicated labor, that was the second-hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. And when I was finished, I was almost just as happy 🙂

I was at an overall 14:30 pace until I could barely put any pressure on my right foot. Dr Google diagnosed it as tendonitis. Or a stress fracture. Or just time to get new shoes. Whatever it is, it will also go down in history as the first time that Dr. Google didn’t give me cancer.

I’m just thankful that this week’s “big run” is not big at all. My foot needs the rest. And whatever this weekend’s “big run” looks like (spoiler alert: slow), I’ll be doing it in Chicago. With a high of 76. Thank you, running gods.

FuelBelt Hydration Belt

I cannot run with something in my hand. Not keys, not a phone, not a water bottle. I picked up a pink FuelBelt to hold my phone, a house key, and take just enough water with me so my throat doesn’t get dry on outside runs. It proved helpful on last week’s long run and it didn’t ride up and annoy the crap out of me. It did exactly what it was supposed to and it didn’t piss me off. How’s that for a review 🙂

3 weeks down, 25 weeks to go!

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  • Way to go!! Hope your foot feels better!!

  • Regarding your foot, you should make sure it’s not Morton’s neuroma – inflammation of the casing around a nerve in your foot. It’s apparently a really common running injury for women. When I first developed it, I thought it might be a stress fracture. I had to stop running for a while anyway and it just went away. But last summer it came back (and not even running – from weeks of excessive walking in improper shoes) and it’s now much worse, to the point where my toes tingle and go numb. If I’d had it checked out when it originally happened (four years ago), I’d be in much better shape now. Definitely check this out, but also go to the doctor! (Google is great, but it can’t give out prescriptions!)

  • You are doing great! The most I’ve trained for was a 7-mile run, and lately I’m nowhere near to that kind of distance. I’m having some ridiculous pain in my left foot, and feel like I can’t risk running lately. But I want to! Your posts make me want to! I’m finally going to a doctor for it, so fingers crossed…

    Here’s hoping we both get better ASAP, and keep up the good work! That belt looks so handy, may have to pick one up for myself!

  • Carol

    Good job! Keep it up because finishing a marathon is so awesome and you will join the 1 – 2% of people who have actually been able to accomplish it.

    I get the problems with my hands swelling up. Completely normal but very annoying. The upside of your humidity/heat training is that in Oct (or whenever it decides to get cool down here), you will feel like a superstar runner! 🙂

  • Mellybrown

    Foot problems always creep up just when you’re starting to feel awesome. But you ARE awesome 🙂 Keep it up, but not at the risk of injuring your foot more!

  • ConnieK

    Good job! I’m training for a 1/2, way impressed that you’re going to do a full. Regarding your foot, you might also have it checked for plantar faciitus. See Wikipedia for a better explanation. Very painful and can be extremely hard to get rid of. Especially if you don’t treat it right away. I had it a couple of years ago and it still tries to flare up occasionally. I know there’s controversy over stretching before a run but I do it before and after to loosen the tissue so that it doesn’t bind up on me. Running brings on all kinds of aches and pains but I still love to do it! Keep up the good work and good luck!

  • You are a rock star! You can bet I’d be finding every excuse I could not to run outside in 90%+ humidity. Hope your foot heals quickly!

  • I hope your foot feels better. You are an inspiration.

  • Be careful about that foot! I’ve had MANY a running injury and they are not fun.

    Otherwise, AMAZING job!! You are such a running rockstar!

  • So sorry to hear about your limping! I once had the worst side cramp for an entire mile – it was the worst!

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