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  • Ooh, I’m happy you made this post because it reminded me about that pepperoni pizza monkey bread! I think I’ll make it some time next week. Thanks! Have a happy new year. 🙂

  • I confess while on your site this month I did take a peek at the pepperoni pizza monkey bread. I’d heard of monkey bread before but never a savory one.

  • Happy New Year Shawnda! Thanks for reminding me that I need to make those tacos. How could I have forgotten?

  • I’ve gotta try those brie and brisket tacos. How fabulous! Happy New Year!

  • Jennifer

    I’ve got a question about the ranch dressing. Would you say it skews more toward Hidden Valley bottled stuff (thick and almost tart) or the restaurant/steakhouse variety (thin and milky, with a more subtle taste)?

    • Personally, I feel like the taste is closer to what you get in a restaurant than straight from the HVR bottle – although you’ll control the thickness based on the amount of buttermilk you add.

  • Happy new year lovely! I can totally see why these were the top three, though I adore all of your posts.

  • Happy new year!! 2011 was clearly a great year for delicious food on your awesome blog. 😀 I am SO looking forward to 2012!

  • What a great year! Your three recipes look amazing, though I must say I’m a little partial to the Homesick Texan giveaway post 😉 Cheers to a wonderful 2012!

  • Liz

    Happy New Year and thanks for a great 2011! I’ve learned so much versatility in my own kitchen from you sharing your experiences and time through your blog. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate but it is all I have, so THANKS!! 🙂

  • Savory monkey bread…SO GREAT!

  • Cannot wait to see what you make in 2012!

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