Winter Citrus Recipes

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Winter Citrus Recipes

It’s here! Winter citrus season!

Our dwarf citrus trees in the backyard are dotted with dozens of key limes and a handful of pink and Meyer lemons. Our grapefruit tree is still a little young but the Rio Grande valley picks up the slack when it comes to our sizable demand. They churn out wonderful, softball-sized Texas Rio Star grapefruits at only ~.20/lb. It’s totally worth waiting a couple of years for better production from our tree.

I’ve pulled together a collection of recipes where the citrus can really shine. And for the next 2 1/2 months, we’ll be whipping up lots more 🙂

Winter Citrus Recipes

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  • Those recipes all look fantastic! I love citrus, especially in the winter when it feels like the snow will never melt, it’s nice to eat something that tastes like springtime!

  • Great lineup Shawnda! I adore lemon! And I agree with Leeanne, orange bbq sauce sounds totally amazing!

  • KCatGU

    I may have with no reservations hugged my favorite citrus vendor at the farmer’s market last Saturday. Here is Phoenix we are flush with it. Yuummm, I got 2 types of oranges and of course some pink grapefruits. Thanks for fueling me with more ideas.

  • I love citrus! They’re winter fruits, but they give so much foreshadowing to spring and summer 🙂 All these recipes look fantastic! what a great compilation, it’s like a treasure trove!

  • Awesome round up! Can’t wait to try some of these!

  • I feel a bit silly because I thought citrus season started in December. Whoops!

    I’m really jealous of your citrus trees. I recently spent days looking at fruit trees online although I live in Germany. It was totally pointless but fun. 🙂

    All of those recipes look good but I really like the idea of the garlic citrus chicken.

  • We have several citrus trees and so I look forward to trying out these yummy recipes!

  • I’m a total sucker for citrus. My poor little lemon tree pushes out about 2 lemons a year 🙁 Not such a green thumb! Gonna have to try one of those pasta recipes!

  • I’ve been in SUCH a citrus mood lately and have been craving meyer lemons non-stop! Need to go get some inspiration from these!

  • I saw Texas grapefruits at the store last week and picked up a couple! And then made too many grapefruit margaritas with them and regretted it the next morning. I blame you.

  • Just made the Meyer lemon curd!! 🙂

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