Sauce of the Day: Sun-Dried Tomato and Ricotta Toss

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It’s official – as of dinner tonight, I have run out of homemade ricotta cheese. I lived off of it for a week – it was quite the multi-tasker appearing in dessert, snacks, ravioli, salads, and pastas. I think the most simple dishes were my favorite – eating ricotta drizzled only with a bit of honey and dusted with unsweetened cocoa powder or tossed into a bowl of pasta with only some homemade sun-dried tomatoes.

Today’s sauce of the day was the latter of those favorite dishes – a pasta toss with ricotta and sun-dried tomatoes. There really isn’t even a recipe. I took some homemade sun-dried tomatoes that I had packed in olive oil, a handful of ricotta cheese, and a single serving of pasta shells and tossed ’em together. The oil from the tomatoes was sufficient to coat everything beautifully. A couple grinds of black pepper later, and you’re set!

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  • Sounds great! Many times, its the quicky recipes that are most memorable. Love sundried tomatoes! I always have them on hand – in oil and dried (to be simply plumped in water). They go great with goat cheese, too!

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