Spring in Texas: Bluebonnets & Barbecue

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Bluebonnets, Spring 2012

It’s hard not to get excited, catching that first glimpse of the blue blur as you speed passed a brand new patch of Bluebonnets next to the entrance ramp.

For Texans, that blue blur means two things: 1) Spring has officially arrived in Texas and 2) We got a decent amount of rain over the winter months to allow wildflowers to bloom, a welcome change to the drought and wildfires of last summer.

Bluebonnets, Spring 2012

Oh, and 3) You’re probably speeding.

Bluebonnets, Spring 2012one perfect patch.

Bluebonnets, Spring 2012

There are few better ways to spend an absolutely gorgeous Texas spring day than washing down a plate of barbecue with a tall glass of sweet tea before heading out for a quick wildflower road trip. Brisket, smoked turkey, fried okra, mac & cheese, and peach cobbler with a scoop of ice cream.

We split it 3 ways. You kind of have to.

Bluebonnets, Spring 2012

We found or one perfect patch, a beautiful roadside pasture of blue and yellow flowers dotted with fuschia-colored phlox, purple vetch, and the occasional indian paintbrush near Hempstead. And we had them all to ourselves.

Bluebonnets, Spring 2012

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  • stephanie

    Can I just say that your first picture with the fence made me so wistful for a place I’ve never been?

    So absolutely gorgeous that it breaks my heart to look at it.

  • It’s official. I’m moving to Texas! You have an extra room, right? Those are gorgeous! It’s nice to see so much color after everything has been so brown and dead for the last few months…or what feels like forever. Love it!

  • Man, this brings back so many memories! When I lived in Texas as a kid my parents and I would go to this one park (or maybe it was just a big open field) every year to look at the blue bonnets and Indian paintbrushes. There were also these fat, tulip-y looking pink flowers that I loved. I wish I could remember where this place was…

  • I love this time of year! I haven’t had a chance to see too many flowers yet but this weekend we are driving from Houston to Columbus, Tx to help with an MS150 training ride. I look forward to seeing all of the flowers on the way back!

  • Denise

    Alright, I’m homesick! I was born and raised in Texas, but am now in Florida. Not a bad trade, but I sure miss home!

  • Angie R.

    Gorgeous pics! The bluebonnets really are so pretty this year. I just wish I could still get my “grown” children to take bluebonnet pictures, haha! Funniest Facebook profile pic ever – my cousin, who was about 40 at the time and has a huge sense of humor, put up a picture of him posing in the bluebonnets!

  • Beautiful! Thanks.

  • Flowers and food. Sounds like a perfect combination to me.

  • Martha T

    I was driving from Houston to College Station on Sunday and saw dozens of cars pulled off on the shoulder. When I got close enough to see the solid blue fields, I wanted to call my daughter in Houston to come take pictures of my grandson. Unfortunately, I’m afraid there won’t be much left in two weeks when they come that direction, but aren’t the bluebonnets amazing this year?

  • You make Texas look more beautiful than I’ve ever seen it. Now I have to drag the hubby to find that perfect patch. 😉

  • Great post, Shawnda. The colors of Texas are just beautiful this time of year!

  • I’ve never really wished I lived in Texas…until now.

  • Whitney

    This is my 2nd spring away from Texas and I have yet to come across a bluebonnet field in Maryland. Thanks for the pictures and reminding me of my favorite part of home!

  • Katherine

    Great pictures! It is so great to see the bluebonnets back this year…and now I am totally craving some BBQ and sweet tea.

  • Love the pictures! So beautiful and thankful we made our trip to Austin while everything was still in bloom. You’ve made me miss it all over again. 🙁

  • Charlotte Kostelecky

    It’s been a long time since I have seen the flowers of Texas and I’m thinking I would like to go back there one more time to visit relatives but I would want to go when the flowers are blooming. What dates are the best to see the wonderful show of flowers?

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