Turkey Caprese Panini

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Turkey Caprese Panini
Melty fresh mozzarella cheese makes for a good sandwich, whether it be Giada’s mozzarella en carrozza (the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich) or a dressed-up turkey panini. Add the rich flavor of carmelized oven-dried tomatoes, deli-sliced turkey and homemade pesto to round out the fresh flavors of this grown-up sandwich.

Turkey Caprese Panini
Oven-dried tomatoes, as desired
6 slices deli-thin turkey
2 slices fresh mozzarella, thickness as desired
olive oil
2 slices bread

Brush one side of each slice of bread with oil. Spread pesto on the other side of each slice of bread. Build the sandwich on one slice of bread (pesto side-up): turkey, oven-dried tomatoes, and top with the cheese. Place the other slice of bread pesto side down on top of the sandwich. Place on heated grill and cook until bread is golden brown and mozzarella is melting out of the panini.

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