All Aboard! It’s A Dinosaur Train Birthday Party

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Dinosaur Sugar Cookies

“Mooooo-mmyyyyyy! Have you seen my glass slippers?”

“No, have you seen mine?!


The door hasn’t completely closed on the dinosaurs and bugs and lizards and legos phase… but it has definitely taken a backseat to Pink Princess Pandemonium.

It started with Cinderella. And it now includes Merida (who, by the way, is the coolest ^%$#@ princess ever), “Mapunzel,” Belle, and Snow White (but her mom is scary so we’re only like 50% bought in to that one).

It’s PINK ALL THE THINGS. And while I crinkle my nose at it, I’m really do try hard to embrace it. It’s really a cute phase – not as fun as dinosaurs – but still cute. And as a total dino-geek myself, I’ll never let that one fall by the side. So I was super excited that she wanted a “dinosaur party at my gym” to celebrate her 3rd birthday.

Dinosaur Sugar Cookies

So a Dinosaur Train “Dinosaur A to Z” party at her gym, she got.

Do you know Dinosaur Train? It’s a PBS show about a family of Pteranadons who travel throughout the dinosaur era meeting and learning about the different species. It’s a lot like Land Before Time, complete with the adopted T-Rex brother. Only even less believable due to that whole time-traveling train. And submarine. But it’s awesome and I love it and I frequently watch it even when Landry isn’t around.

This year, my favorite part of the party wasn’t planning a menu – the party wasn’t at home so I wanted the food basic and easily transportable – it was the favors. And making the printables. Because it was all orange and aqua and kiwi and dinosaurs. And only a little pink.

Dinosaur Tail

With the help of a 10-hour sewing lesson from my mom (who has the patience of a saint, y’all), we sewed dinosaur tails for each of Landry’s friends attending the party. Big, HUGE hit.

I had a party room full of 2-5 year old Bootyshakeasauruses. (It’s a word.) And I even ended up making an extra tail the week after the party for one of her friend’s sibling because apparently the girls were fighting over who got to wear the tail. Landry goes to sleep in hers at least twice a week 🙂


Because the party wasn’t at home (no “company cleaning” necessary!), I kept the menu short and easy.

Dinosaur Sugar Cookies

Ham & Cheese Sliders
Dinosaur-shaped* PB&J and Ham & Cheese sandwiches
Strawberry skewers with yogurt dip
Veggies & Homemade ranch for dipping
Cupcakes (fresh strawberry and vanilla) topped with strawberry buttercream and a Dinosaur Train smoke stack made out of marshmallow fondant (more on these next week)
Dinosaur-shaped* sugar cookies decorated with sugar cooking (not royal) icing

* I bought this dinosaur-shaped sandwich cutter and used it for the sandwiches and sugar cookies and used it to trace the decoration on the Thank you bags. And now, Landry only eats her sandwiches in the shapes of dinosaurs 🙂

Dinosaur Train Party Printables

Party Favors
Dinosaur tails (tutorial found on Pinterest from Tater Tots & Jello)
Thank you bags (dinosaur stickers, sugar cookies, and a DIY Dinosaur Train-themed coloring books… THAT I FORGOT TO PUT IN THE BAGS)

Dinosaur Train Party Printables - Thank you tags

Party Printables
Address labels
Buffet tags with the “Dinsoaur A to Z” theme (C is for Corythosaurus… and Carrots!)
Seating tags (L is for Lambeosaurus… and Landry!)
Thank you tags
4-page DIY coloring book

Dinosaur Train Labels

Dinosaur Tain Party Printables - Name tags

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  • Ha, this same party would make my 30-something husband just as happy as it made Landry! Love those tails.

  • C and I have dance parties to the Dinosaur Train theme. I love that song!

  • Oh my goodness – too stinking cute! Can you host my kid’s birthday party when I have kids? 🙂

  • I love it all! The tail is ridiculously adorable. And what a clever idea to use the sandwich cutter… which I happen to have! I’m totally going to borrow the design idea sometime – so simple and cute!

  • Love it, love it, love it!!!

  • that sandwich cutter is awesome. what a fun party!

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