Garden Fridays: Now with room for more citrus!

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That was where the red plum tree stood until last weekend. I pollinated every single bloom by hand that I could reach (I think I counted ~20 baby plums already), and then we dug it up and gave it away.

Because space is limited back there and we decided that we really wanted another citrus tree. Maybe blood orange. Or a navel orange. Or a tangerine. Or clementine! But we can’t decide between transplanting the grapefruit tree and potting the new tree for a couple of years… or just planting the new tree in the ground straight-away.

Decisions, decisions.

This week, we picked our first strawberries (36 hours between those photos and it was ready to pick the next day) and rearranged some things to squeeze in two more pepper plants (poblano and yellow bell). And a tomatillo.


And a cantaloupe. And a red grape vine 😳

Sorry, spinach and kale. Hope you like your pots!

Peach tree bud

The white peach tree is in full swing with over 2 dozen peaches and the other peach tree just put out its first sign of life this week.

Everything else is moving along nicely. Including the blueberries. They survived the transplant, bloomed slowly at first but now the bees are doing their job – we have tons of baby blueberries!

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  • I kind of want to come live in your garden!!

  • Maybe we should buy the house next door – think of the cross pollination we could get going on!

    I cast my vote for Rangpur lime.

  • Tennessee

    You must be much further south than me! We are just now getting our daffodils, forget strawberries, blueberries, or really anything edible!

  • Where did the plum tree end up?

  • Liz

    Just FYI – tomatillo plants are almost always self-incompatible, meaning one plant cannot pollinate itself. If a flower is not successfully pollinated, it will wither off rather than developing into a fruit. Thus you need two tomatillo plants to get fruits.

  • My favorite clementine is the Page Orange. Not sure if you can grow that variety in your area, but it is my favorite. Let us know how well your strawberries do, I’ve been disappointed in the production of ours this year.

    • So far this year, things are looking great! This is our 3rd year for strawberries – 1st year was disappointing; 5 plants and they died after putting out very few strawberries. Last year was much better – we had ~20 plants and got pretty decent production into summer.

  • Catherine

    I love it when you post about your garden. I am hoping to plant a nice garden when I get into a more permanent place. Your posts are helpful for me to understand the process and you drop tips which I appreciate.

  • By the sounds of it, your blog will be full of lots of fruity recipes soon! Can’t wait to check in again to see what’s cookin’ with all your fresh produce. Thanks for the tour around!

  • Wish I had a huge green thumb! Can’t wait to see all those colorful produce 🙂

  • Anne

    Do you live near San Antonio? My husband and I are moving there this summer and I really want to start a garden! I wasn’t sure if where you were in Texas was close (or at least similar weather) to San Antonio so I could get good tips from your garden posts!

  • I used to live on the west side of Houston in Sugar Land and never thought to have citrus in the yard. Now I live in the College Station area (a little cooler) and have purchased my first lemon tree and an orange tree. I hope I have your green thumb.

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