Guilty Pleasures: The Endless Summer Edition

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Troublemaker Wine

Troublemaker Wine & Burger Blend
The wine is a beautiful fruity red blend from Hope Family Wines in Paso Robles designed with a juicy, flame-kissed burger or steak in mind. And it’s one of our favorite new reds to have tried this summer.

Troublemaker Wine and Beef Blend

The burger is a beautiful blend of prime chuck, wagyu short rib, prime hanger steak, and prime rib designed to pair with the wine. The two together, with a little help from some Troublemaker-glazed onions, a match made in summer-dinner-on-the-patio heaven.

You can snag a bottle from your favorite wine source for ~$20 or directly from the winery. And then you can adore it as much as we do.

Anker Mobile Flash Charger

Anker Mobile Flash Charger
I hope that the person who thought sliced bread was the benchmark by which to compare all things awesome lived long enough to see the technology boom. If not, then she (or he) had never had a freshly-charged iPhone battery drain to nothing inside 2 hours. Seriously, between Twitter, Instagram, and using my camera as a phone and trying to find the least-pathetic connection between the Texas Capitol’s wifi and AT&Ts network in Austin? Womp womp wommmmp.

It was like that every day at Disney World, too. I chose not to lug the big camera around so I could unleash my inner 12 year old and “just” use my iPhone. But when 2pm rolled around? My phone’s Spinning Wheel of Disappointment was quickly followed by the Black Screen of Rage.

But I found a completely amazing solution. A small mobile charger that you can simply plug into your phone and charge on the go. It’s a battery-charger-on-the-go that you use to charge your phone without having to stand guard next to a stray outlet in a crowded Disney World food court. It also comes with 4 different adapters so if you’re an iHater like my husband, it still works for your non-iPhone.

And It. Is. Awesome. Truly, truly is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Retreat Hill Riesling

Retreat Hill Riesling
My current favorite white is the off-dry Riesling from Texas-based Retreat Hill Winery. I bought the first bottle for the label and then bought the others because it was so fabulous.

Garnier BB Cream

Garnier BB Cream
My favorite beauty product at the moment is the BB cream from Garnier. It’s lighter than my old foundation, it gives great coverage, and keeps The Shinies under control for most of the day – a battle I usually lose in the Texas heat.


Candy Crush
Wow! Splendid days!

I totally &^%$#@# hate this game and have deleted it from my phone twice in the last week. But somehow, it keeps coming back within a few hours 😳

I am ashamed.

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  • Candy Crush is the devil. I keep swearing I’m done with it and it keeps sucking me back in. You’re not alone 🙂

  • Ashley

    I’ve been using Revlon BB cream and love the idea… but my face is shiny in an hour! I can’t wait to try the Garnier one now and see if it works better for me. 🙂

  • Oooo! Now what I want is a burger-wine tasting! That would make for a fun girls’ night in… Also: Candy Crush is a problem in this house. It somehow keeps coming back onto my phone after uninstalling it, and my hubby’s too. Strange.

  • oh, candy crush. ruining people’s lives, one chocolate square at a time. I always turn to my hubby and yell “I hate candy crush!! it’s ruining my life!!” to which he simply says “so stop playing it…” to which I simply slowly blink at him and say “… you just don’t understand. I can’t let it beat me”

  • Lovely! I might just make something similar myself

  • Harmony

    I am the Candy Crush culprit, aren’t I? I am so sorry. Not really.

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