Marathon Mondays: It Just Got Real. Real real.

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You guys have given me some great advice and even better encouragement to get here, to the official start of the “$hit just got real” phase of marathon training. We are now all about the double-digits.

Training week 10. Double-digit distances every other weekend from here out, including an 11-miler on Saturday. Max high of only 99 today. And at this rate, I’ll be running outside again in October. The 10th month. It’s all one big party of happy-ish coincidences.

And then there are the triple digits: 100 miles in 2 months. Also, I did an activity for 140 minutes that didn’t involve beer, a couch, a TV, and me yelling at a referee like he can hear my colorful commentary on his performance.

And quadruple digits: check out the calories you burn when jogging for 2+ hours!


In addition to my #1 goal – to cross the finish line of the Disney World marathon in January at least 67% conscious – I’m currently working on figuring out the ins & outs of running nutrition and diet. Because after burning 15,000+ calories in 2 months, I shouldn’t be 6lbs heavier than when I started. womp womp wommmmmp

After running anything more than 3 miles, I just really want a big, greasy bacon cheeseburger – hold the fries (who needs ’em, anyway). IT IS ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT. I just burned 1500 calories, why shouldn’t I get one?

And that leads me to my newest project: I’m reading a couple of books right now (New Rules now, Racing Weight next) and logging my daily calorie intake into SparkPeople.


And if you’re looking for a totally rude awakening, log your calorie intake from a weekend that included a birthday party and a fantasy draft pool party… then convert that into the number of miles you’d need to run to offset all of it.

And then refill your Rx for anti-anxiety meds. Because you’ll need them.


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  • Becky

    What is the formula or how do you figure calories burned per mile? Thanks!

  • I almost always find that I gain weight while marathon training and, to be honest, I think a lot of it is water weight and your body storing more carbs than it normally would. It’s pretty smart in figuring out that you’re training for something and that you’ll need the fuel stored up. And my philosophy is that after a crazy long run like that i get one really ridiculous cheat/day of eating and then the rest of the week I’m good no matter how many miles I log…in the end it all kind of evens out.

  • I came across your blog via Zite. Great stuff.

    I did the Goofy Challenge a few years ago. I’ll be following your progress.

    Good luck!


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