Garden Fridays: Garden 2.0 (Already)

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It’s a good thing the growing season here in Texas is so long. Because I get to start aaaaaalllll over this year. And I’m still pretty bitter about it.

Two weekends ago, we’re standing along a mountain bike course west of Austin, bellies full of Kerbey Queso, and pretty excited about the day ahead. My “trusty” weather source says we’re going to be done with Jason’s race and nearly back to Houston long before the cold front hits Austin.

The race started, the guys disappeared into the forest for the completely treacherous (why do people think that’s fun?!) 16-miles and then the wind blew. For 10 seconds straight. It was very cool air.

Everyone and everything had fogged up – cameras, sunglasses, helmet shields. The mass confusion was funny at first. But then reality hit: just like that, it was 20 degrees colder within seconds. 5 hours earlier than it was supposed to be – thanks for keeping the forecast updated, Weather Channel!

We always have a couple of below-40 cold snaps after our last frost date (when I usually plant) but it’s very manageable. But the low that night ended up being 12 degrees lower than projected 24 hours before, which is a big deal when we’re talking 25 vs 37. And the wind – I mean, it’s windy out here in the Katy prairie but I wasn’t prepared for the steady 20+ mph with gusts over 30 that ripped all my tree covers and frost protectors away, leaving the new citrus and garden vulnerable to the elements. And leaving my covers no where to be found.

Tomatoes, peppers, squash, and green beans: toast.

New growth on the blood orange and pomegranate: toast.

200+ baby peaches?

I’m clinging to the smallest sliver of hope. But my gut says toast.


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  • LaDonna

    I live in Bryan and would love to start a garden. Could you please post an in-depth how to guide?

  • Gwyn

    Luckily my peach trees haven’t started babies yet here in Wharton, they are blooming like crazy though. We are hoping to get our garden in here this weekend.

  • Oh man, that stinks!! I hope it goes better the second time around. We lost several of plants that we’ve had for several years, and some we don’t know if they will make it or not. So far the only things we have seen sprout are the chrysanthemums. (We are in Frisco, TX) Good Luck!!

  • Lisa

    That’s awful. I have hardly even begun to think of a garden yet. I’m in Philadelphia and it was 69 on Wednesday and 24 on Thursday. I’m beginning to think the northeast is not for me even though I’ve lived here most of my life.

  • I am so jealous of your garden but I feel for your loss! Poor, poor baby peaches.

  • Jess M

    Oh sister! Me too! We are out in Dripping Springs. I thought for sure I’d be in the clear planting my garden the third week of Feb. Then the first of the last mini freezes came. I bit my lip and everything came through ok. Then… THEN the last sneaky one came in and there went my tomatoes and peppers too. I can not believe my spinach made it. Thankfully or I might be in tears. I can’t decide if I am replanting or not. All my lettuces, kale and evergreen herbs made it. I hope you keep us updated on your garden! I am interested to see what happens.

    • We were right by you when it hit – Pedernales State Park!

  • Maria

    Oh I’m so sorry! And here I was planning to get my garden fix watching you – here in CA don’t feel we can spare the water this year to plant.

  • Oh man, this must have felt horrible. I can feel your pain. 🙁 You lost 200+ baby peaches…Sorry

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