The Great Detox of 2015: Citrus-Roasted Green Beans

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Garlic & Orange Roasted Green Beans

Drizzle, shake, bake, and eat.

To say we eat a lot of green beans around here is a pretty big understatement. I grow them in the garden because nothing makes you feel like you know what you’re doing in the garden than a dozen prolific green bean plants.

When it’s not warm enough to garden, I buy 2-3 bags frozen each week… and when fresh ones are available, I like to go that route. Because fresh green beans roast beautifully – and easily – drizzled with orange and garlic.

Make them in bulk and just reheat through the week. Assuming they last that long – straight-from-the-pan roasted green beans are pretty amazing.

Get the recipe here!

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  • I think you’ve just inspired me to try growing green beans next summer 🙂 These look yummy, by the way!

  • These look AMAZING. Adding green beans to my grocery list!

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