Garden Fridays: It’s Peach Time!

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Texas Peaches

I picked 20lbs of those beauties this morning. TWENTY POUNDS. I spent the next hour picking over them, looking for damaged, freezer-bound peaches. I cut away the bad spots, sliced what was left, and froze them for future cobblers and pies.

Then I ate 2 of the perfectly ripes ones for lunch.


We are getting near the end of broccoli season. Even though we’ve seen a relatively mild spring, as far as Texas is concerned, the broccoli crowns have gotten progressively smaller and soon, they’ll bolt straight to flower before they’re fit to pick. But until then: broccoli!

Asparagus Green Beans Asparagus Green Beans

I had really no idea what to expect with the Asparagus Green Beans. But there they are: long, skinny green beans. That taste exactly like regular green beans except they are 12 inches long. I usually grow bush beans but these guys are pole beans – so up the bamboo poles they went! And went. And went. The bamboo poles are 6ft high and the bean vines have already exceeded that.

Butternut Squash

NOT ZUCCHINI. I mixed up my seedlings and I currently have two butternut squash plants. I’ve added a couple of squash seeds to the empty boxes and my zucchini-less garden will be zucchini-full in a month.

Texas Peaches

Red grapes! They are cage-fighting the vining tomatoes for sunlight! It’s a tie so far. I’ve got a vine full of grape clusters AND a ton of cherry and grape tomatoes.

Texas Peaches

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  • Yours are doing so well! I have a ton of flowers on my plants right now, but very few fruits/veggies starting to grow yet.

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