He Brews: Caramel Amber Ale, Take 2

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Caramel Amber Ale

That’s the second attempt at a Caramel Amber Ale. The first attempt, it looked awesome at first but it went all wrong. And we didn’t know it, but it was hosed from the start.

There was an error with the grain bill.

We didn’t too much care for over-citrusy notes from the hops in the wort.

And it was our first fermentation in the newly converted chest freezer-to-fermenter and the airlock dried after a long weekend away and compromised the beer.

The second attempt? Beautiful.

We used a St. Arnold Amber clone, Wyeast #1968, with a pound of homemade caramel syrup. We ended up with a beautiful 8% beer. The color is a gorgeous red-amber and those deep raisin, fig, and caramelized sugars come through at the end of the first sip.

And just like that, we have a new favorite home brew.

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