Peach Jam Scones

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Josie of Pink Parsley is hosting this week’s Project Pastry Queen: Peach Jam Scones.

Peach Jam Scones were one of the featured menu items of the cooking class Ashley (Delish) and I attended back in June. I picked up an important tip: Work fast. The warmer your dough, the more likely you are to get scone spread. They’ll still be delicious, but they won’t be as pretty.

The scone base alone is very good – moist, buttery, and crumbly. Add the peach filling and you’ve got a winner. Spread some extra peach jam on a still-warm scone? Winner x 2. The scones are big – after baking, I cut them in half. And that’s after making a half batch already! It’s peach season in Texas through August – four weeks left to get softball-sized peaches for dirt cheap. Head on over to Pink Parsley for the full recipe. Happy baking!

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  • well don’t those look all fancy! look at you ms. thing!

  • Mmm, that looks delicious! I used blueberries because I was too lazy to go to the store but I definitely want to try them with peaches.

  • Mmm scones. When they’re good. They’re mindblowing. And these look GOOD.

  • Yumm filled scones!! Those look wonderful 🙂

  • I’ve never loved scones because mine have never turned out right. I think your tip about keeping the dough cold is the answer to my dilemma! I’ll have to give them another go.

  • yours turned out prettier than mine…as usual! 🙂 yum!!

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