Daisy Girl Scout Oreo Pops

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Daisy Girl Scout Oreo Pops

We have learned promises. We have learned songs that stick with you longer than the Minnie’s Bowtique song. We have sold our first box of cookies (#TeamCaramelDeLites). And last weekend, my little Daisy Scout pre-celebrated her upcoming 6th birthday with her troop with these Daisy Scout Oreo Pops.

The Daisy Scout logo is composed of 11 patches that the girls earn throughout their 2 years as Daisies: The Promise Center, represented with a blue M&M, and 10 Petals, each a different color represented by chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. Now let’s talk about how to go overboard to get a darn-near perfect match to the petal colors.

I bought 2 different types of candy sunflower seeds:
1. Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Drops – if you don’t have a TJs nearby, you can get them on Amazon but for about twice as much as in-store.
2. Sunny Seeds – I found these in the check-out lane at JoAnn Fabrics by complete totally-happy accident and it made my day. And my Daisy logo.

Daisy Girl Scout Oreo Pops

Between those two brands, I was able to match the 10 petal colors pretty perfectly.

The alternative: you could not be a total control-freak weirdo about something as trivial as chocolate-covered sunflower seeds and just buy one pack because what 5 year old do you know that cares about matching petal colors on a sugar-coated Oreo?

But, you know – where’s the fun in that 😉

Daisy Girl Scout Oreo Pops

So let’s talk about process: you lay out your work area – you’re working with melted chocolate here, so you want everything in place and ready to go. You put the Oreo on a stick, you coat the stuck-Oreo in white chocolate, and then you quickly add on the candy logo.

I hiiiiighly recommend getting another pair of hands here. Jason dipped the Oreos, I decorated. By the time I put the center and 2-3 petals on one Oreo, he started dipping another so I could immediately move to the next one. They were done in an hour and inhaled by 12 happy little Daisies in 60 seconds flat.

Daisy Girl Scout Oreo Pops

Oreo pops decorated with the Daisy Girl Scout logo: the blue (M&M) Promise Center and 10 (sunvlower seed) petals.


  • Wax paper
  • Chocolate-covered Sunflower Seeds, sorted: 20 each of 10 different colors*
  • 20 Blue M&Ms (I needed 2 sharing-size packages to get 20)
  • 1 package Double-Stuffed Oreos
  • 20 lollipop sticks
  • 12 oz Nestle White Baking chips **
  • 2 Tbsp shortening **
  • *As noted above, I purchased two brands to get 10 different petal colors for the Girl Scout Daisy logo.
  • **If you're using another white chocolate candy coating method like bark or candy melts, follow those melting directions. The ones noted here are specifically for Nestle's White Baking Chips.


  1. Lay out your wax paper - this is where your dipped oreo pops will go to dry.
  2. Sort your sunflower seeds into 10 piles of 20 seeds and place along the top long-edge of your wax paper along with the blue M&Ms. (Delegate this task - Daisy scouts love to sort and count!) I put these in order of how I was placing them on the flower so I could go down the assembly line: blue M&Ms first, followed by the turquoise petal, etc.
  3. Twist 20 Oreos apart (maybe allow a couple of extra for breakage - I dropped one) and stack the frosting-less halves to the side.
    Daisy Girl Scout Oreo Pops
  4. Using a lollipop stick, make a trench in the Oreo frosting approximately 3/4 the height of the frosting for each cookie.
    Daisy Girl Scout Oreo Pops
  5. Melt the white chocolate with the shortening in a medium sized bowl - for Nestle White Baking chips, this is 30-second trips through the microwave until melted, stirring occasionally. Follow the instructions on the candy melts/candy bark if you are using those instead.
  6. Dip the top 1-inch of the stick into the melted white chocolate, place the dipped-end of the stick into the frosting trench, and immediately top with the other half of the Oreo.
    Daisy Girl Scout Oreo Pops
  7. Center it and press down very lightly. You can move the pops to the wax paper to get them out of the way while you finish dipping the rest of the Oreos.
    Daisy Girl Scout Oreo Pops
  8. Reheat the white chocolate for 20-30 seconds and then begin dipping and decorating the Oreos.
  9. (We did this next part as a two-person job - Jason coated, I decorated. If you're going it alone, you'll likely need to stop and reheat the white chocolate a couple of times through the process.) Stick the Oreo end of the white chocolate into the bowl and spoon white chocolate over the cookie. Pick it up, shake once or twice, and then spin the stick between your fingers to get rid of any excess of white chocolate.
  10. Place on the wax paper and immediately add the blue M&M in the center, followed by each petal. Drop, adjust, move on. By the time you get to the last petal, the chocolate will almost be set.
  11. Let the last Oreo pop set for an hour before wrapping them up. Green ribbon = leaf patches. I've yet to find a limit to cutesy obnoxiousness. But I'm sure it exists.


Yields: 20 servings

Inspired by Cake Central

Estimated time: 90 minutes

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