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First broccoli of the season! #oldladygardengram

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It’s your 6th-favorite slacker blogger checking in with her vegetable garden details. And a super sweet announcement: my momma got her new kidney this week! She and my little sister (the donor) are both back home already and doing great.

What’s also doing great? The broccoli and brussels sprouts.

I have two 4×8 garden boxes going again this year. They look like this:

Box 1
6 broccoli
6 brussels sprouts
1 square of came-back-from-last-year green onions
3 San Marzano tomatoes
3 Julie tomatoes

Box 2
1 Jalapeno
1 Red bell pepper
1 Green bell pepper
2 slicing tomatoes
2 San Marzano
2 Juliet tomatoes

Out and around the backyard:
Young citrus trees:
– Lime
– Key lime – back from the brink of death but didn’t blossom this season. I still have my fingers crossed.
– Meyer lemon – This guy is still in recovery, it actually blossomed but I didn’t let it fruit.
– Tangerine
– Ruby grapefruit
– Blood orange – big, bush, and zero blossoms this season.
– Satsuma Orange
– Pink lemon – Almost completed recovery, it blossomed but I didn’t let it fruit.
Peach (white peach, yellow peach)
Celeste Fig – it is going to be a HUGE year for figs 😀

Not listed for the first time in 5 years: Pomegranate. RIP, man.

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  • It’s funny for me to read that you have stuff that’s well into growing…and I 2″ of snow on my garden this weekend. It’ll be another month before anything goes into the ground up here in Michigan. I did actually start a fair number of seeds this year, so once I *can* plant, I’ll be rocking.

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