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Just thought I’d share a few shots from Day 1 of Food Blog Camp:


Food Blog Camp has been… amazing. Eye-opening. Tequila-y. Fun. Exhausting. Delicious. Tequila-y. I could write a book but since I wouldn’t have the time to read it myself, I’ll stick to a daily recap.


The hosting resort, Grand Velas Riviera Maya, is (in my best Jim Rome) phe-nomenal. Our suite is gigantic. And the food? I’ve been to all-inclusive resorts in this area before. But the chefs of Grand Velas have made our previous vacations seem like trips to a fast food drive-thru. Gulf seafood and shellfish right off the boat. Octopus ceviche.

If you’re a long time reader, you’ll probably want to know if I fainted when the Foodie Groom not only tried octopus ceviche, but declared it “delicious.” I did not, luckily. I imagine that fainting with a mouthful of octopus ceviche is not recommended!


The hosting bloggers are… Gracious. Honest. Real. All-around good people. I won’t lie – it was a strange feeling to catch a quick glimpse of our hosts when we first arrived at the resort. I waited until he was out of earshot to dig my fingernails into my husband’s forearm and squeal, “That was MATT ARMENDARIZ! MATT AR. MEN. DAR. IZ!”


We lucked out on the first night and got to grab dinner with Diane Cu, one amazing half of the White on Rice Couple. We were also joined by Jennifer of Eating Clean Recipes, Sally of Bake Cupcakes, Lillie of Fast Feasts, Sarah of Undercover Caterer, and Marla of Family Fresh Cooking.


The photography and food styling aspects are what attracted us to the conference so getting to chat with Diane of White on Rice Couple for 3+ hours in a cozy French restaurant was probably the most awesome way we could have started the conference. It was three hours of photography, wine, lighting, equipment, a little more wine, and workflow. A fabulous start to Food Blog Camp!

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  • Oh my gosh, I wish I was there! Thanks for sharing your updates and not making us wait until you return! 🙂

  • Wow that sounds like such an amazing experience and I wish I could have gone! Can’t wait to hear more about it!!

  • Sooo jealous! I can already see that your photos are even better than before — or is it that the light in Mexico is just that amazing? 😀

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