PPQ: Fresh Pear-Ginger Quick Bread

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Fresh Pear-Ginger Quick Bread

While the rest of the group is posting Danmy’s recipe choice, Muchas Leches Cake with Sugared Almonds, I’m posting a weeks old Project Pastry Queen recipe this week because:
1) I was going to eventually bake this recipe anyway
2) Of the two recipes I missed, and the current recipe due, it was the easiest of the three to make with the flu

Pure poetry, man!

It’s an unfortunate feeling to wake up with a 101-degree fever… the day after you’ve hosted 30+ people for your kiddo’s first birthday party. But I did. And I really do hope that I didn’t infect anyone else. Because it suuuuucked. For all of us. Mostly for The Foodie Groom. Because I make the world’s worst patient.

Fresh Pear-Ginger Quick Bread

Back then, it was Aliza’s turn to pick the recipe and she selected Fresh Pear-Ginger Quick Bread.. I made a few substitutions because we’ve made a few changes to how we stock our pantry:
– Whole wheat pastry flour for all-purpose flour
– Sugar in the raw for granulated sugar
– Coconut oil for half of the butter, heated only slightly so that it completely melted after standing for a couple of minutes off-heat

I also chopped the ginger finer than the 1/8-inch cubes that the recipe called for. I love fresh ginger but the other two people eating this bread would not be so appreciative if they got a big chunk of fresh ginger.`

The pears leave the bread moist, and the ginger and citrus zests leave it light and flavorful – but not anywhere as gingery as I expected. My kiddo gobbled up slices like it was a cupcake on her birthday. I toasted a slice each morning and ate it smeared with goat cheese and the homemade blackberry preserves my friend Elizabeth gave me. Far worse ways you could start the day!

I’m getting back on schedule next weekend with the group as we cook up some Chicken Satay and Yogurt Dipping Sauce. We’ll be cooking up three savory recipes in a row. Three! I’m all sugared out so I can’t wait!

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  • Ginny

    This looks great – kudos to you for baking while sick. I hope you are feeling better soon!

    A quick question about the coconut oil. Is there a specific reason why you choose to use it? I’ve heard conflicting information about it and am always curious to know why people decide to incorporate it.

    • @Ginny, Virgin pressed/centrifuged coconut oil is better at high-heat sauteing/cooking than olive oil (higher smoke point). It’s also supposed to be better for you than canola/vegetable oil. I’m actually testing it out as a replacement for vegetable oil in my kitchen. I’m happy with it so far!

  • During a trip to Maine’s coast this past summer, my fiancée and I were treated to pear muffins for the first time. We were both smitten immediately and ate more than our fair share, but oh, were they good! I don’t know why pear was never something I thought to put in muffins, scones or bread. A batch of pear muffins was the first thing I baked upon arriving home. Now I wish I would’ve thought of pear + ginger! I think next time, in addition to the fresh ginger, I’ll add a bit of crystallized ginger to the tops as well.

    Cheers and glad to hear you’re feeling better,


  • Oh this looks fantastic. I hope you feel better!

    • @Sharlene, Thanks, Sharlene! We’re still recovering but much, much better now 🙂

  • Wonderful flavors in this gingerbread and such beautiful photos, Shawnda! Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

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