Chicken Satay with Yogurt-Cucumber Dipping Sauce

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Chicken Satay with Yogurt Dipping Sauce

Texas “winter” (and I use the term loosely) can be… unpredictable. 8 days ago, there were icicles hanging from our cars, a handful of identifiable snow flurries (CLOSE THE SCHOOLS!!!), and our potted citrus trees were in the garage.

Yesterday, we had the windows open, wore shorts, built garden boxes, and then took a swim in the pool after a hard day’s work. Today, we’re planting a load of veggies and greens, grilling lunch, and eating by the pool. A frosty beverage might have made an appearance, too.

My apologies to those of you up north.

This week’s Project Pastry Queen recipe, Chicken Satay with Yogurt-Cucumber Dipping Sauce (aka, Tzatziki) was selected by Beth of Powdered Plum. Oh, how excited I was to see a savory recipe! Some of my all-time favorite recipes in The Pastry Queen are the savory recipes.

The chicken satay smelled pretty heavenly on the grill – garlic, ginger, curry. So heavenly, that I had to run in the house and make a grapefruit margarita to complete the mood 🙂

I made a couple of changes to the original recipe:
– No jalapeno/serranos in the marinade. Landry Kate loves her chicken thighs and would not have approved. And speaking of…
– I used chicken thighs (half per skewer). I am newly converted to the juicy awesomeness of chicken thighs over chicken breasts. We might not ever go back!
– I used Greek yogurt (no straining – and no need to add the called-for olive oil to smooth out the sauce!) and lime juice instead of lemon in the tzatziki sauce (one of my girlfriends makes a killer tzatziki with loads of lime juice). I also added cilantro because… well, what isn’t made better with a little cilantro?

We all enjoyed the chicken and the dipping sauce. I served it over one of our favorite warm weather sides: steamed rice tossed with lime juice, chopped pineapple, cilantro, scallions, and a couple dashes of mirin for just a leeettle extra sweetness. I couldn’t be more critical of the recipe, even if I tried. There was fresh ginger. And garlic. And tzatziki sauce, which can make wet cardboard edible.

And there were grapefruit margaritas.

Many, many thanks to Beth for selecting such a refreshing and Texas winter-appropriate dish 🙂 You can see the full recipe over at Powdered Plum. Next week, we’re busting out an oldie (around here, anyway) but goodie – Mariana has selected the very best savory scone in the whole wide world – and we can’t wait!

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  • this looks so yummy. i think i’m in love… i can’t wait to try it!

  • Eating Bangkok

    Satay and tzatziki are two of my faves! What a great idea to put them together. And I am right there with you on the chicken thighs…been a convert for over a year now.

    • @Eating Bangkok, I must echo your sentiments tzatziki is a favorite in this house. Thanks for the reminder it’s been awhile since I fixed this.

  • hey girl—sorry i haven’t been around much. been hibernating (and eating)
    i am bookmarking these for the summer. i kid you not, i live on tzatziki, falafel, and hummus rollups in the summer.
    hope all is well. (your photos are really good…)
    if you’re dieting, do not come over to my blog. i warned you…

    • @vanillasugarblog, Diet? That’s maybe the only 4 letter word I don’t use 🙂

  • Yum looks great!! So glad I found your blog from Annie Eats!

    • @thecounselormom, Glad you made it over! Annie’s blog is one of my favorites 🙂

  • Laura

    Oh, how I wished I lived in Texas. The weather here in NC has improved slightly, but not even near warm enough to swim! I’ll have to try this recipe later when it’s comfortable enough to grill outside again.

  • We’re having the exact same “winter” weather – which makes sense since I live about 30 miles from Texas. You know what would increase my enjoyment of this weather even more? Your recipe for grapefruit margaritas!

    • @Bridget, This is how we make them:
      2 oz tequila
      1.5 oz orange liqueur
      6 oz fresh grapefruit juice
      2 oz fresh lime juice
      Simple syrup to taste (usually a couple of Tbsp)

      Mix tequila, orange liqueur (we usually have either Grand Marnier or Patron Citron in the pantry), and juices. (Jason is more of a half grapefruit, half lime person – I like more grapefruit). Taste and add simple syrup if/as necessary. Pour over 2 glasses of ice. And then sit on the back patio and giggle about it “only” being February 🙂

  • This satay looks delicious! I love dark meat chicken and after quite a few months of using strictly chicken breast meat, I am so sick and tired of white meat chicken. I will definitely try this recipe- and I too may never go back to white meat!

  • I wanted to thank you for posting such delicious recipes online! All the recipes I have tried on your blog has been all so delicious.

    I just wished that it was easier for me to get Thai ingredients so that I can cook more Thai food at home. Thank you once again for your beautiful recipes and blog!

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