*Only* three months left

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Our hobby, our baby. Some people have their dogs, some have their children, we have “Ries.” Ries, our first child is due in the middle of March.

What’s different about Ries? She’s not a real child. She’s not a puppy – heck, she’s not even a fluffy, pretty kitty. Ries is actually the first wine from our small wine-making venture/experiment/adventure, Bella Meridionale.

Jason and I absolutely love Riesling. It is, without a doubt, our favorite wine. I joked with Jason last week that we should name our real first daughter Reese Leigh. I think he thought it was funny, but he promptly shot my suggestion down.
As of this post, we’re in the secondary fermentation stage where Ries is quietly bubbling away in her container. Over the next couple of months, we’ll let nature take its course and work on the label design (Texas-themed, of course!). I’m seeing a big ol’ Texas flag 🙂

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