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What’s your thing? You know, that “thing.” That thing you can’t resist buying. And then buying way too much.

I have two. I love paper. Any and all kinds! Pretty stationary, plain ol’ yellow sticky notes, index cards, old-school spiral notebooks, and cute to-do list pads. Even though I have mostly converted lists and such to electronic form, in the end, I still love the feeling of pulling out a stack of of paper, grabbing a pen, and sitting at the table to write. I’m a list maker and there’s no more satisfying feeling than taking that pen and making a very decisive swipe across the page. It’s like tossing your head back and shouting to the world, “DONE! FINISHED! OVER!” Only you don’t risk waking up a cranky toddler.

My other thing? Aprons. I have two drawers in the kitchen stuffed full of aprons. Some plain, some over-the-top girly. Some handmade, some purchased. One of my favorites was a wedding gift that my Aunt Gail sewed, a white and bright green plaid apron with pretty white eyelet trim that reminds me of the curtains that hung in our kitchen window when I was little. I love aprons.

To enter the giveaway for the cute apron up there, simply leave a comment on this post and tell us: What is your thing? Is it aprons? Paper? Or am I the only weirdo?

Updated: The winner is Apron Appeal with lucky comment #38. Instructions for claiming your prize were sent to the email that you left with your comment. Thanks!

The fine print:
– One comment per person.
– You can earn two extra entries by:
– Leaving a comment that you follow us on Twitter.
– Leaving a comment that you like us on Facebook.
– Giveaway ends at 11:59pm (Texas time!) on Tuesday 6/7.
– Winner will be selected by one of those cold, soulless, unfeeling random number generator thingies and announced on this post on Wednesday.
– If prize isn’t claimed within 7 days, a second winner will be selected.
– Contest is open to readers world wide.

Good luck! And happy Friday!

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  • For me it’s shoes. I adore shoes, and since I can’t wear much jewelry, they’re my accessory of choice.

  • Oh, and I like you on Facebook too.

  • Lola78

    I absolutely love aprons!!

  • Nic Santry

    For me it’s cups! If I see a cute or distinctive cup I have to buy it. I drink a lot of hot beverages!

    I follow you on Twitter and Facebook as well 🙂

  • Geriann

    For me- I love clothes. I can’t resist going shopping all the time.

  • I have this weird fascination with pens. I go to the stationary store and come back with them in all different colors.

  • I follow you on Twitter.

  • I also follow you on Facebook.

  • Michelle

    I have a weakness for school supplies. Every year at the beginning of the school year I would stock up on all sorts of school supplies.. good thing I became a teacher!

  • Michelle

    I follow you on twitter!

  • Amy

    My thing SHOULD be aprons – all my clothes have cooking oil stains. But really my thing is yarn. I’m always picking up some for future knitting projects and I’ve turned into a bit of a hoarder. But I’ve convinced myself as long as it’s contained in one cabinet in my home office, I’m Ok.

  • Michelle

    And, I follow you on facebook!

  • Kristin

    For me it’s magazines. I just can’t resist!

  • Lindsay

    This is so cute I’d want to wear it everyday!

    My thing is serving dishes….all kinds! The one thing I can’t walk past in a store.

  • Lindsay

    I “like” you on facebook.

  • Cristina B

    I absolutely love shoes! I can never have enough!

  • Victoria

    Definitely notepads. I have a billion of them all over the place!

  • DebbieS

    Office supplies….definitely office supplies. We were trying to clean house and start fresh once and my husband found my stash of many many pens and markers etc. Yeah he told me I was nuts then gave me a kiss and let me keep them :-0

  • Cupcake liners — I have hundreds.

  • Amanda L

    For me is dish towels. I love all colors, patterns, and designs and seasonal. I have two drawers full in the kitchen and can’t seem to get enough of them.

  • Amanda L

    I like you on facebook

  • I’m an apron kind of girl, too.

  • … and I like the blog on Facebook.

  • Make-up.. I can’t resist it…

  • I also follow on facebook.

  • Groceries/neat food items!

  • I follow you on Twitter.

  • And also on FB 🙂

  • Nail polish! I have to buy a bottle every time I go to Sephora!

  • Melissa T

    My thing is books. I’m an avid reader, ever since I was a little girl. I remember the first time I ever read a book on my own. I could spend hours in Border’s or any bookstore and my dream is to have my own library in my home someday!

  • Francesca

    I have a thing for mugs–yes, coffee mugs. I love striped ones, polka dots, and holiday/season inspired mugs. I love paper, too. You should see my desk at work–I operate by making lists on sticky notes.

    I think having a thing for mugs might be weird, so you’re not alone! 🙂

  • For me, it’s cookbooks! Even though we have absolutely nowhere to store more, I keep coming home with them.

  • I follow you on Twitter…

  • I also love paper, you are not alone. I looked forward to back to school supply shopping when I was younger and now love stationary and save all the beautiful wedding invitations I receive.

  • and Facebook!

  • Being on a tight budget restriction has really helped me rid myself of my “things”. It’s been so long that I honestly can’t remember what my “thing” is. Although I’m not spending I have noticed that when I do venture out, I always find myself in the table linens and dishes sections at stores.

  • I follow on Twitter

  • I follow on facebook

  • Anne

    This is a toughie…I feel like I’ve been on a grad student budget forever, which means no splurging on fun things! But way back when, I like to collect candles and books!

  • Stephanie

    my favorite thing? dessert 🙂

  • Annie

    my thing would have to be headbands…. I find these really neat headbands, and I have to buy them! Headbands and necklaces…..the funky necklaces….those are my weakness!

  • I’m addicted to cookbooks. I loooove aprons, though, and might be addicted to those too if not for the look on my husband’s face when I mention getting more (I have four, which he feels is quite enough).

  • I love all sorts of paper, too ~ and pens, pencils, markers, etc … oh, and cookbooks, too!

  • I “like” you on Facebook

  • Kim

    for me its two things, shoes of all kinds!!!! and dvds… i dont know what im going to do when a new technology comes out, and they no longer make dvd players becayse i have soo many

  • Leslie S.

    Cookbooks! I have an entire cabinet in my kitchen dedicated to them and that’s still not enough room for my ever growing collection.

  • Kim

    i follow you on facebook!

  • Kim

    and twitter!

  • Rachel

    Shoes! Not heels though, I have a TON of running sneakers 😀 And flip flops.

  • Sarah R

    Chocolate, although getting rid of that’s not really a problem 😉

  • Rachel

    I like you on facebook…

  • Rachel

    and follow on twitter 🙂

  • Katelyn

    cookbooks …. and clothes 🙂

  • Katelyn

    I liked you on facebook!

  • books!!!!

  • Niki

    Gotta love collecting cookbooks!!!!!

  • Andrea

    LOVE! Hmmm I love fabric and cookbooks and well I have a lot of loves.

  • Kelly B.

    My thing is baking pans, gadgets, etc…I can never have enough! I get so excited when I go into kitchen accessory stores, it’s rediculous!

  • Definitely books for my classroom library- I have hundreds!

  • I’m very big on finding the EXACT right pen, and then hoarding them when I do! 🙂 LOVE the apron!

  • Amy P.

    Shoes and cross stitch patterns. I’m officially banned from both by me.

  • Mikki

    My ‘things’ are aprons and cake pans, cupcake liners and pretty dishes. Its just too hard to stop!

  • Mikki

    I follow you on Facebook 🙂

  • Luxury items from Whole Foods, like fancy chocolate or expensive cereals. I guess there are worse things to not be able to resist buying, but sometimes it’s hard for me to control myself in that store. I follow you on Twitter, by the way.

  • Workout clothes. Ugh, I have way more cute workout clothes than “real” clothes.

  • Books, books, and more books… and stationery, because I love snail mail and sending letters to my friends and family. There’s just something about gettting mail that doesn’t say “Please Pay This Amount.”

  • And I follow you on Facebook!

  • Oh, girl….for me right now, it is clothes. A cute shirt from here, another cute shirt with ruffles from there. Each time I hang the new clothes from the most recent shopping trip, I forcefully tell myself to stop.the.shopping. And yet….*sigh* 😉

  • Oh, and I follow you on Facebook! 🙂

  • Meena


  • Fallen leaves. I have leaves pressed into almost every book I own. Multiple leaves, of every shape size and color. Most of them I know exactly when and where they are from. Is that strange? I adore leaves.



  • Already following on Twitter.

  • carolyn

    I would have to say cookbooks….and just recipes in general…can’t seem to have enough!

  • Liked on FB, too!

  • melissa

    That looks more like a gorgeous summer dress than an apron! My thing is MAC make up! Cant resist it! I probably have the make up stash of a professional!

  • Stephanie

    My thing is Tote Bags. I can’t resist them. You would think it’d be purses since I use one of those every day, but it’s definitely tote bags.

  • Tiersa McQueen

    I like you on Facebook!

  • Tiersa McQueen

    I follow you on twitter!

  • Megan

    Vintage aprons!

  • Jackie M.

    I have a couple of ‘things’… #1 is my love of all kinds of flip flop/sandals (I live in Florida) the other is coffee cups… 😉

  • Valerie

    I like you on fb! 🙂

  • Valerie

    I follow you on twitter, too!

  • Tiersa McQueen

    There are a few things I can’t resist buying. First is scrapbook supplies. I love paper, embellies, and tools! I have a lot that haven’t even been opened (shhhh! don’t tell the hubster!) The second thing I can’t resist buying is pretty dresses for my adorable 3 year old daughter.

  • Erika S.

    Shoes!! Funky, unique ones..can’t pass ’em up! 🙂

  • Erika S.

    I like you on facebook 🙂

  • Julie R

    I love scrap booking papers and fabric, both because I love patterns and colors. I can’t resist a beautiful pattern!

  • PomJob

    My thing is old glass. It’s a compulsion – if I visit a thrift store and there’s a cool vase or candy dish or bowl, I NEED to buy it. I have a tiny house that’s now made of glass.

  • Michelle

    Shoes. I have an absolute adoration of shoes of all kinds. Love them.

  • Michelle

    I like you on Facebook 🙂

  • Emily

    Books and cookbooks! I have so many bookshelves.

  • Shoes. I can always buy a pair of shoes. I do love this apron tho!

  • i like you on facebook!

  • Pens… Since I grade so many papers, I buy all kinds!

  • Jillian

    My addiction is purses, but with aprons this cute I might just have a new obsession!

  • Jillian

    And I like you on Facebook!

  • Anne-Marie

    like on FB

  • Angela

    Coffee mugs! I recently decided to make that my souvenir when I travel – so I can collect pretty and unique ones from all over.

  • Kathleen L.

    Purses, purses, & more purses!!!! Cute apron!

  • My thing? Probably healthy cookbooks. I do LOVE aprons too! Can’t wait to win. 😉

  • Kathleen L.

    BTW – and I like you on FB 🙂

  • The first thing would be flip flops- I have SO many and yet, I always seem to think I could use another pair. The second, I simply can not resist buying a children’s book for my son if it is a book I had growing up.

  • Kristi

    I can not resist lipstick. LOVE. I bet I have 200, at least.

  • fenella

    I used to buy a ton of books, but we recently moved to a smaller house so I had to get rid of a ton of my book. I now use the library an only buy a book if I absolutely love it and will read it again.!

  • Cindy McMichael

    Cookbooks! I have way too many.

  • Cindy McMichael

    And I like you on FB too!

  • Lori

    Back in my single days I could not resist a) hair products b) shoes and c) books!

  • Lori

    oh and I “liked” you on facebook

  • Maria

    In my kitchen, it’s glasses. I love the different shapes and sizes! And in my wardrobe, it’s purses, specifically Coach ones. I have a problem. An expensive one…

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • carolina palmeira

    my thing is dresses, for sure. aprons are dresses accessories for me… so they count as my thing part 2.

    I also follow you on twitter and Facebook

  • My thing is books and more specific is kids books. I have a whole library in my house and every time I see a new one I have to try so hard not to buy it. In my defense I was a teacher and needed the books but now it has just become an obsession.

  • Funny enough, my things are aprons and stationery too! My mom makes gorgeous aprons so she’s made me into a collector and I’ve been obsessed with paper goods since I could write. My husband doesn’t seem to understand why one would need several dozen kinds of notecards and pretty paper.

    Cute apron – thanks for the giveaway!

  • Mellisa W.

    I like aprons, but all my are very functional (read – well used and stained) this would be a welcome addition. Thanks!

  • I’m a follower on Twitter!

  • I Liked you on Facebook!

  • Maria

    I love notebooks. Uurgh I have so many notebooks.

  • Seetha

    I am a book hoarder, I love books. Cookbooks more so!

  • Kitchen gadgets! They are the bane of my husband’s existence.

  • Seetha

    I like you on facebook too!

  • Ariel

    I love collecting colored glass bottles/jars-they can be used as vases and are beautiful just on their own!

  • I’ve liked you on FB!

  • Emily

    I have two weird things: lists and filling out forms…I L-o-v-e filling out forms, and I cannot explain why!

  • Emily

    I also follow you on Twitter :]

  • Emily

    And Like you on facebook :]]

  • My thing is kitchen gadgets…I can never have enough and I could spend hours in kitchen stores!

  • I just liked you on facebook!

  • I follow you on twitter now 🙂

  • I’m not sure why, but I have a thing for dishtowels and tea towels. I just love them. They add such a layer of cuteness to the kitchen but are still so practical.

  • Melisa

    Kitchen gadgets and cookbooks, then there’s all of the blown glass stuff from an artist back home… I’m running out of space for both!

  • Kira

    It’s weird but I have a thing for disposables- finding the best options in paper/plastic plates, cups, serving pieces, etc!

  • Melisa

    I also like you on Facebook.

  • Leeanna

    My thing is organizational supplies! I love anything that helps me stay a little bit more on top of all the craziness in my life!!!

  • Leeanna

    I also like you on facebook

  • My “thing” is pajamas. Weird, I know. 🙂

  • For me it’s lip products, I have a million balms and glosses. I don’t think I’ve ever finished one up completely but I always seem to need to buy another one if I see it.

  • Brandy

    I love buying kitchen stuff, especially stuff that’s modern and unique. My cabinets, drawers, and pantry is filled with serveware, bakeware, utensils, etc.

  • Brandy

    I “like” you on Facebook.

  • For me it’s scrap booking stuff and sewing materials.

  • Hi,
    The apron is so cute! Sweet of you to do a giveaway! I have to say that the thing that I tend to continue to buy the most are cookbooks. I have a big cookbook collection which is housed in a bookcase in my kitchen. I wouldn’t say I am a fantastic cook—I just LOVE reading and looking at beautiful cookbooks… Like you, I do gravitate towards beautiful stationery, etc., too. But, put me in a bookstore and I will end up at the cookbooks! 🙂 Have a great day! XOXO Kim

  • I follow you on twitter

  • That is a pretty apron!

    My thing is chocolate peanut butter ice-cream. Or chocolate ice-cream with peanut butter sauce. I always get too much, but it’s always worth it!

  • I LIKE you on facebook:)

  • PS—-I like you already on facebook! That is how I heard about the giveaway! xoxo Kim

  • Mary Moynihan

    I love apron’s and totally love poka dots.. pick me pick me…

  • Marysol Soto

    Beads…..of all colors, shapes and sizes. I have bags, boxes, jars of these things. I wish that I would have more time to dedicate to all the beads.

  • I love crazy flavored chips. I can’t resist them. I also follow you on facebook and twitter!

  • my thing is pjs i have way to many pairs, and nailpolish I can never decide between colours and buy way more then I need oh and magazines i have them lined up to the ceiling in my closet.

  • My non-food thing is embroidery floss, and my food thing is lemons! Even if I only need 1, I have to buy at least 4. (Just in case I need more. And they’re so pretty! And they smell so good! And you can use them in everything!)

  • Kitchen gadgets! I stop and look at them every time I’m at the store… unfortunately, my budget means I usually walk away empty handed.

  • Marysol Soto

    I follow you on Facebook.

  • Steph G.


  • Nicole

    Definitely serving platters of all shapes and sizes. I just can’t help myself!

  • Melissa Jackson

    My “thing” is watches. I love them, and I can’t get enough! I have to really try to control myself because the battery replacements can get expensive!

  • Laura

    I can’t resist cookbooks!

  • Amy

    Hm… I don’t know if I have “a thing”.. that probably has a lot to do with being a grad student on a super tight budget. If I had money though it would probably be books or kitchen supplies!

  • Amy

    Facebook follower here!

  • I have to say that I love aprons and dishtowels. I am following you now on Twitter & Facebook. This is a great contest.

  • That apron is adorable!!

    I have a thing for office supplies. Always have since I was a child. Who asks for office supplies at the age of 8? I do. Whenever I’m having a bad day I will go into our supply room and work and grab a few new pens and notepads. Instant happy!

  • For me it is definitely dishes!! I love dishes! I have way way way too many dishes. It is a problem, really.

  • Kate

    I can’t resist buying new books!

  • I like you on facebook!!

  • I absolutely love aprons of all sorts and try to coordinate with what I am cooking that night:) I would love to win more!!!

  • I’m following you on twitter.

  • Maryam S

    I love aprons! We go to the thrift store and buy all the aprons no matter what they look like! I bought my sister a lady of victory apron!

  • Maryam S

    I also follow you on facebook!

  • Beth S

    I would love to win!! 🙂

  • Beth S

    I am a facebook fan.

  • Sue

    My “thing” is ribbon. Spools and spools of ribbon. No idea if I will ever use it all but I just keep buying it!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Morgan

    Super cute!!! I would love to start an apron collection, I have two currently…one plain, one handmade by my mother (with a matching child’s one). But oh how I have longed for more!

  • Melissa Jackson

    I “like” you on Facebook.

  • Rebecca

    Jewelry-especially earrings! Every time I’m out shopping I have to buy a pair!

  • Chelsea

    I love purses!

  • Kassie

    I love cards — birthday cards, anniversary cards, note cards, thank you cards … give me a fun little boutique store with cards and I’m in HEAVEN!!!

  • teffy

    my things: Stationary as well. I still send cards to people out of the blue. I know! So 1992. On top of that: PENS! I love pens of every color – but the have to be rollerballs or quills. In the kitchen I have several obsessions – serving plates are one, glass canisters are another. Antique or just plain manual utensils are another. I still grind meat by hand and remember those old style beaters you have to spin yourself? I have 3. hehe (One is for camping, though. You can’t go camping and not have scrambled eggs cooked in a cast iron over a fire. Not in my house, anyway)

    I want to have a thing for aprons, but I don’t even own a single one right now.

  • I’m with you on the stationary. I have boxes of cards, paper and envelopes. I always buy way more than I need.

  • teffy

    Oh and yes, I’ve liked you on facebook!

  • Ann Grismore

    Le Crueset! I love them. All the different colors and sizes and options. I have many different pieces now and love them all.

  • Ann Grismore

    I “Like” you on Facebook

  • Ann Grismore

    I follow you on Twitter

  • Katherine Hernandez

    I am a weirdo for kitchen tools and gadgets! I’m always buying different odds and ends gadgets!

  • Katherine Hernandez

    I Like you on FB!!!

  • Bowls….I have an obsession!

  • Mandira

    hmmm….ok like you i love paper – of all kinds but also pens – beautiful fountain pens and regular ballpoints any kind….
    cookbooks – i can buy all kinds of cookbooks – i love them
    and of course shoes – a girl just has to have her shoes 🙂

  • Natalie

    I love cookbooks, shoes and earrings. I also like you on FB.

  • Jamie

    Such a cute apron! My thing is greeting cards… I can’t help but buy them for imaginary future occasions.

  • Tiffany

    My “thing”…. is cupcake liners. Yeah I know, maybe I should get help… but there are so many cute ones!! I have black with white polka dots, white with black polka dots, pink leopard print, zebra.. and sooo many many more. I can’t go in a Michaels without buying more

  • Tiffany

    I liked you on Facebook

  • wellll I’m in grad school and broke so I don’t get to buy anything toooo fun, but I do go crazy buying coffee 🙂

  • Maria S. Rivera

    I like buying yarn and crocheting everything and anything, and baking supplies, pans, cookie cutters, spinkles, decorating tips, etc.!

  • St.Ar

    My thing is towels. Pretty bath towels, beach towels, hand towels, baby towels for my wee one. I go into a store and have to find the coolest/softest towels and I want to buy them. This apron is soooo much fun though – I hope I can win!

  • Rachel

    I’d buy anything for the kitchen if my husband would let me. He doesn’t like walking past kitchen stores, because he knows he’s lost me for an hour 🙂

  • Rachel

    I’m a facebook fan, too.

  • Cupcake liners…I don’t think I will ever use my entire stockpile…and it keeps growing!

  • Leah

    I follow you on Twitter.

    I’m obsessed with collecting kitchen bowls. You just can’t have too many cute ones, right?

  • Swim suits. I probably have a good 20 in my drawer. And every Summer season I think it’s a great idea to buy a few more. I mean I do practically live at the beach during the summer, so I guess I’d rather have a plethora of swimsuits than of clothes. Makes sense, right?

  • I [already] follow you on twitter =)

  • I like you on Facebook!

  • Gwyn M

    My thing is shoes…can’t have enough! Although, when you mentioned paper, I have a big thing for anything Post-it…a BIG thing.

  • Gwyn M

    I also follow you on Facebook 🙂

  • Kimiko

    My favorite thing would have to be shoes. Not just any shoes, but cute pairs of heels that usually are AMAZING but don’t match anything I own, but buy them anyway and have to end up buying a whole new outfit to match the new pair of shoes!
    Maybe I should switch my obsession to something kitchen related. I am definitely lacking in the “kitchen supply” department. I love pretty aprons, but never had a chance to buy one of my own…yet!

  • Miranda

    Multicolored pens. I cannot get enough of them. Ever. I have an entire file sized drawer in my desk devoted to pens. Some would say that’s a sign that I have a problem, but I like to think I’m just thorough.

  • Jane

    New foods! Every time I travel to a new city I visit at least once grocery store and wander the aisles searching for something I haven’t tried before!

  • Julie

    I have 2 also! Office supplies and baking vessels. Don’t let me near sur la table or office depot! Hehe.

  • Julie

    Fan on facebook here!

  • Eva

    Art. I have way more than will ever be able to fit on the walls!

  • Lea

    Cookbooks – and EARINGS.

  • My thing is teacups, cookbooks, and makeup.

  • I follow you on twitter 🙂

  • Madeline

    I have been wanting a new apron so badly!

  • Leigha

    Books, books, and books. All kinds of books. I have a library card, I can check books out. But I much prefer to OWN my books. I even have an iPad and can read them electronically, but I much prefer the feel of the paper and hearing the page turn.

  • Neesha

    While I love aprons and paper, I’d have to say my things would be pens and sticky notes. You can NEVER have too many of either, nor can you ever have too many shapes or colors! Office supplies are sexy, right?

  • danelle manship

    I love aprons…I am a FACS teacher and my kids love when I wear a different apron for every season.

  • Lisa

    My family would say collecting recipes and cookbooks! I love aprons too!

  • April

    I’m a sucker for books. I can’t go into a store without buying one.

  • jpetroroy

    Oh, books. I can never resist.

  • Baking Supplies – unusual sprinkles, butterscotch chips, unusual pudding flavors, etc…I tend to hoard them and then they sit around waiting for me to finally let go of and use!

  • Kj Pennell

    I love aprons too! I tie the terry cloth ones on my stove as dish towels!

  • Kj Pennell

    I like you on Facebook!

  • Rheanna

    Such a pretty apron!

  • My ‘thing’ is probably sprinkles/baking supplies. In fact, my collection has its own tub in the kitchen. 🙂

  • Jen

    For me, it’s notecards. Thank-you cards, blank cards, just saying Hi cards. I use them all the time so I have them stashed in the car, my purse, and all over the house so that I can sit and write up a little note to someone far away!

  • Ydia

    I have a hard time resisting baby clothes for my toddler daughter and newborn son!! Everything looks so cute, especially from Carters. 😀

    I follow you on Facebook 🙂

  • Esther K

    That apron is so cute! I love it~

    My thing is cupcake papers. Even though I already have so many that I could probably bake a million cupcakes, I still buy more. I just can’t help it when they’re so cute and/or pretty!

  • anna

    Books!! I cannot stop buying them. Although paper supplies come in a close second, I think.

  • Staci

    One of my many things is books.

  • Leana

    Baking and cooking stuff – new tools, gumpaste cutters, books, etc.

  • Staci

    and I follow you on facebook!

  • Leana

    Have been getting your update on FB

  • molly

    Shoes 🙂

  • carmen

    i love wooden spoons and baking supplies!

  • Meagan Likes It

    Dresses and cookbooks. I cannot get enough!

  • I love earrings! I have so, so many!

  • Meagan Likes It

    I also follow you on twitter!

  • Banana

    My thing is cake pans – – how embarrassing, but it’s true.

  • Banana

    I also follow you on twitter 🙂

  • Rachael

    I cant resist baking supplies. I have a ridiculous assortment of pans, and sprinkles, and food coloring… More than I could ever use.

  • Ohana

    Oh, this apron is just beautiful!

    I must confess: I have a thing for paper, too ^^

  • LaDonna

    My thing is nail polish! Pink nail polish! I can’t help myself!

  • My one thing… That’s hard to say. I’m going to go with cupcake liners. I can’t help it.

  • I follow you on Twitter

  • I like you on FB

  • I’m afraid I have too many “things.” Shoes, jewelry, home decor, candles, beauty products. Someone save me from myself because now I want to add aprons to the list!!

  • tara

    Funny….I also have a thing for paper. especially post its ? I’m a huge office supply hoarder for some strange reason. Glad to know i’m not alone : )
    I don’t have thing for aprons. my only apron says “Kitchen Bitch” on it and was given to me as a joke…really a joke ??? But that BEAUTIFUL apron on your blog made me realize…i probably need to get a thinf for aprons. That is definately not your grandma’s apron : )

    I guess my thing might be recipes. I’m constantly printing out and pulling out from magainzes and putting in a HUGE stack that i swear i will organize one day and never get around to it. i just love to look at pictures of beautiful food and have the best intentions to become a crazy good chef someday !

  • I love post-it notes!!

  • I also like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter 😉

  • Lexie C

    Bags.. tote bags, small bags, big bags.. love ’em all. Great for my knitting projects or other carp!

  • Oh ya, I LOVE aprons too! I must wear my aprons while cooking. I even wear hostess aprons while cooking…I like to feel pretty and fancy! 🙂

  • I like you on FB too!

  • Kellie

    Tote Bags! I have so many cute ones and I can never figure out which one I want to use! I try to rotate them so they all get used regularly!

  • Kellie

    I also follow you on FaceBook!

  • Christine K.

    Postcards. Wherever I go, I buy a postcard of the place. I have at least one from every place I’ve visited thus far (that’s a lot of postcards). I also love receiving postcards from friends. I would so much rather get a postcard from them than a gift.

  • It has to be cookbooks…I’m such a sucker for them yet 99% of the time I just go with one of the thousands of recipes I have bookmarked online. Still, I see one in a store or online and I just can’t help it – I have to get it!

  • I follow you on Twitter (I actually just got a twitter account and didn’t realize until now that you had one – so glad I saw this!)

  • And I follow you on Facebook! I don’t think I could feel more self-consciously over-zealous right about now…

  • debby


  • Samantha

    Clothes…. You can never have too many clothes. But I also tend to get really involved in a project and obsess over anything related to it. For awhile I was always buying beads, then it was cookbooks, and at one point paper.

  • Samantha

    I “liked” you on Facebook

  • Oh my goodness, books. I adore books. 🙂

  • And I like you on facebook!

  • …and I’m following on Twitter!

  • Sara

    Shampoo…. I have to try every fruity smelling shampoo out there and I have no less than 10 bottles in my linen closed right now.

  • I’m a sucker for any baking supplies.
    I so love pretty aprons. I would adore this one.

  • Lisa Ormsbee

    I like vintage aprons and vintage thermoses!!

  • Lisa Ormsbee

    I follow you on Facebook!!!!!!!

  • Sierra

    shoes. i love shoes. and different kitchen accessories that i’ve always lived without but think i need all of a sudden

    i follow you on twitter and like you on facebook 🙂

  • Angie Pasqua

    Cookie cutters. I started my collection when I found the vintage metal set from the 60’s that my mom had at a garage sale. It’s since grown to four ginormous bins with a fifth needing to be purchased any day now! I love being able to do cookies for any occasion.

    Also, now since following you and Annie of Annie’s Eats, it’s cupcake liners, and that’s becoming a whole new bin-requiring obsession. 🙂

  • Angie Pasqua

    Also, I like your page on Facebook!

  • jennie

    I have a weird collection of Starbucks mugs from different cities-all over the world now. So if I’m in any airport, I have to buy the mug for that city-and all my friends know too-hence my Starbucks mug from Madrid!:)

  • Jenni

    I’m pretty good at controlling my shopping impulses, but when I go clothes shopping, I can’t resist dresses, which is silly, because I wear pants more often! Dresses just always fit, you know? Pants are so fickle…

  • Lindsay

    My THING would have to be a typical girl weakness…shoes. I have way more than I need…and I am still so tempted to buy more every time I shop!

  • Patricia

    I love dessert cookbooks and dessert plates.

  • Shawnda

    Definitely paper, particularly to-do/shopping lists pads of paper! I cleaned out myjunk cupboard two weeks ago and found no less than 21 pads of paper!!

  • Trish

    For me..it’s cookbooks and dishes of any sort!

  • Trish

    Oh…and I like you on Facebook.

  • Trish

    ……..and Twitter too.

  • My thing is pens. I love pens and I’m always on a mission to find the “perfect” pen, which always changes. 🙂

  • AEC

    Adorable apron!

    I buy lots of cookbooks (and I rarely use them!) I get infatuated by pictures in the cookbooks and don’t realize until I’m home that in order to make the beautiful food I need to have 500 ingredients and 20 hours to make the dish…

  • I love trying new dishes and cuisines so I often buy random ingredients that I know I’ll only use once. Grocery shopping for me is like regular shopping for many women…I just love it!

    Such cute aprons by the way!

  • Kendra S

    Office supplies. I love OfficeMax, Staples, Office Depot, etc.

  • Gonefishin

    My thing is teas. I love exotic flavors or ones in petty tins. I have a mountain of teas on top of my spice cabinet. =-p Also, hot sauces – especially the fiery ones!
    P.S. I like you on Facebook. <3

  • Jill McB

    My thing is picture frames, I can never have too many!

  • miranda

    Cupcake papers. I have about 15 different designs right now that I haven’t even opened because then I wont have them anymore!

  • miranda

    like on facebook!

  • My thing is coffee. I seriously have 3 bags of various brands of whole bean coffee in the pantry right now. Mmmm! I need it with two little ones at home 🙂

  • I follow you @simmworksfamily on twitter!

  • I like stumbling upon antique kitchen utensils/tools, etc.

  • I like you on FB 🙂

  • I follow in Twitter. @sarahberridge

  • I’m a FB fan.

  • I have a thing for sprinkles. I have waaaaay too many containers to count, and I’m constantly buying new colors and shapes and never using them.

  • I follow you on Twitter 🙂

  • And I follow you on Facebook!

  • Reagan

    I love buying sandals.

  • Reagan

    I also follow you on Facebook!

  • Rachael

    I have a bit of a pen obsession. I LOVE buying packages of pens and then hoarding them away for a rainy day. 🙂

  • Bekah

    My “thing” is books and cookbooks. Thankfully we have a fantastic library where I can get my fix otherwise I may break the bank! 🙂

    Also – I like you on Facebook!

  • Rachael

    I am a Facebook follower!

  • Valerie K.

    Cookbooks… the old fashion, downhome, good cooking cookbooks

  • Lindsay

    Oh, I have a lot of “things”. The one I have been really crazy with lately is fabric. I just can’t help myself, there are some many cute fabrics out there I want them all!

  • Jessica Hayes

    My “thing” is definitely books.

  • Jessica Hayes

    I follow you on Twitter.

  • Allyson Cheaney

    My thing is makeup. I love it! I have a drawer full of it! Any time there’s something new from my favorite brand of makeup I have to buy it.

  • Allyson Cheaney

    I follow you on facebook!

  • Allyson Cheaney

    I follow you on twitter!

  • Fun plates!

  • Lora

    I LOVE aprons! I have a bunch too, so you’re definitely not alone. 🙂

  • Lora

    I like you on facebook.

  • Lora

    …and I follow you on Twitter.

  • No lie!! I have an obsession with aprons and paper as well!! Paper and pens… I should say. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to make lists and always have a supply on hand no matter where I am. My husband even puts extra pens in the recliner console in case I need one while I’m watching tv. 🙂

  • books. i can’t stop buying books–right now, i can’t stop buying children’s books to add to our 11 mo. old’s collection. and i don’t want to stop. most recent book bought was by Gyo Fujikawa…

  • and i like you on FB.

  • Jamie Trotter

    I am obsessed with erasers. I buy the cute ones in different shapes and I even have scented ones. I have cupcake erasers, cakes, etc. I kinda got obsessed with them since starting college math classes because I constantly went through the erasers on my pencils. But these are too cute to even use hehe. Also anything with a cupcake design on it I have to own. I have so much cupcake stuff it is unreal so I guess that would be another obsession of mine.

  • Jamie Trotter

    I also follow you on facebook!! We just can’t get enough of you in this house!

  • Kristina

    Lists! I love to make lists… what to buy, what to read, what to do, where to go, what to pack, what to cook. I love ’em. The only thing I love better than a list is a schedule with a list included!

  • Crystal

    I love polka dots! regardless of the what the item is and whether or not I need it if it has polka dots on it then I am bringing it home with me! Was brought to my attention the other day that more than 1/2 of my dresses are polka dots..I love polka dot dresses!

  • nicole p

    lately ive been obsessed with buying different cooking and baking objects. dutch ovens, cast iron pans, different baking sheets.

  • amanda in the mountains

    i have a few. like most girls, i can not resist a good purse. i also like soap. i think i already have enough to last five lifetimes, but it just smells so darn good. then there are greeting cards. i see one and think ‘someday there will be the perfect occasion to give this to someone’ and i buy it. i have at least 50 stockpiled cards.

  • amanda in the mountains

    i also like you on the facebook!

  • Nichole

    My favorite things are shoulder bags! There are so many cute ones and I can justify each one for a good use!!

  • nikki

    For me, I’m crazy about dolls.

  • Sara

    Sticky notes! Love ’em!

  • Sara

    follow on twitter saramama

  • Laura P.

    My thing is books which has always been a bit of an obsession of mine but lately I’ve also been getting into nail polish…I like getting unusual colors.

  • Laura P.

    I became a twitter follower as bookloon.

  • Patricia Wallace

    This apron is just adorable and I LOVE aprons!!! Thank you for making this possible! I also follow you on Facebook too!!

  • Victoria

    Its cupcake liners for me.

  • Kacie

    My thing is definitely colorful shoes, and lately I’ve been on an organizing kick, so anything organizational has become my new thing.

  • chris

    For me it is also office supplies. And cardigans. and fabric. and patterns . . .

  • Vivian

    I have way too many books that I mean to read but never get around to! And skirts too, I need a new closet!

  • I also totally have a thing for paper. And to do lists. And aprons! And all manner of kitchen supplies. This apron is super cute! Great blog 🙂

  • Also, I liked you on FB 🙂

  • Kate

    I love notepads to write lists or sweet notes on!

  • I love this, too cute – aprons and paper are great addictions. I just found your blog and can’t wait to read more!

  • Carole

    My thing is clothes, in particular shirts. I love to get a great deal on a lovely shirt or article of clothing.

  • My thing is kitchen gadgets – I have a large drawer full. I don’t always feel so bad spending money on things that in the end my whole family can appreciate.

  • I already like you on Facebook! 🙂

  • Wendy


  • Leah

    I follow you on twitter, and need an apron!

  • Rebecca H.

    I tend to collect weird spices and cooking ingredients! Every time I go to the Asian Market I always end up with a huge number of new ingredients to use – they hardly fit in my pantry anymore!

  • Anna

    Notepads. I love to make to do lists so I end up buying a ton of notepads. More than I ‘ll ever need!

  • Sarah Murray

    My things is bracelets. I adore them-cheap, not so cheap, chunky, shiny, beaded, you name it! I love them. And cupcakes…I’ve never met a cupcake I didn’t like 😉

  • Carroll

    Well, books, but then I am a librarian, and I don’t think you could ever have too many of those 🙂 So nail polish, I have bags and bags with every colour imaginable.

  • Jen M O

    My favorite thing is socks. My teenager never wants to match hers and I don’t understand it. She does have some cool stockings that has Elvis on them. The apron is really cute.

  • Jessica

    My favorite thing is flip flops…love them!

  • Claudia

    My thing is bookmarks. I read a lot and can’t resist buying pretty and unique looking bookmarks for my books.

  • Artisanal Pasta! I can’t help buying those expensive imported beautiful different shaped pastas! Whenever I see I new shape I have to buy a box or a bag. It’s taking up far too much room in our pantry.

  • fun food items! we don’t have a trader joe’s or whole foods locally, so you better believe when i go to the big city i go crazy. our pantry is out of control. my husband jokes that in the event of a nuclear meltdown, i could feed the neighborhood (never mind that if that happened, the electricity would probably be out…). 🙂

  • i follow you on twitter (@thepajamachef)

  • facebook fan too!

  • Laura

    Tank tops. I’m obsessed with any cute tank tops. I have enough to not repeat through a summer if I really wished but that doesn’t stop me from buying more every time I see a cute one.

  • Laura

    I also now follow you on facebook

  • Heather A.

    Antique milk glass and nail polish. The oddest thing about the milk glass is that I’m not into antiques of any kind, except milk glass, and I’m not into “country” decorating either! I also totally cannot resist new nail polishes, even if I have similar colors at home already.

  • My “thing” is cute little note cards – granted, I don’t send as many as I’d like to, but there’s something about adorable packs of “Thank You” or “Thinking of You” cards that get to me : )

  • molly

    as for kitchen stuff…platters. i have a million…white, colored, shapes. i love them:)

  • Holly

    You are not alone – I also have soooo many types of pretty paper, notepads, STICKY notepads, monogrammed notepads, etc. to count! The stack on my desk is really a mountain. The apron is so pretty! 🙂

  • Trudi

    I would say my “thing” would be cookbooks. I have so many of them and love to sit and look through them. I read them like books.

  • Lauren S

    My thing is dresses, especially in the summer, as soon as it gets warm out I am pretty much only in dresses. Feel so feminine and light!

  • Lauren S

    I like you on facebook!

  • Erika Head

    My “thing” would be recipes. I love to print them off of the net and read them in magazines or books. I get estatic when they turn out to be really good !

  • Franikamin

    I have a “thing” for cutting boards. I cannot resist them….

  • I love photogrphy. capturing a moment that may otherwise slip through your fingers…or sharing something of your life with others, i can’t imagine living without my camera!

  • Robyn

    I am in love with pens … it is a slight obsession.

  • Brenda

    Me too. On the paper and aprons. And I’ve passed the obsession on to my daughter!

  • Aprons are not my thing, but I wish they were. I’ve been searching for the perfect apron for a long time now, and I always seem to pass them by in stores in hopes of seeing one I like better. My thing–books! I can’t get enough of them.

  • I like you on facebook. 🙂

  • And I follow you on twitter!

  • Mine would be paper too. I love pretty paper. I have a huge box of scrapbook paper and never really scrapbook – whoops!

  • I can’t walk into a store without immediately going after the picture frames. I have more frames than I do pictures. It’s kind of an addiction. But I figure if I ever move into my own house, I can just use them all to hang up pictures of all the lovely things that I bake. And maybe I’ll throw in some family pictures too 😉

  • And I follow you on twitter 🙂 I also LOVE all of the things that you make and I spend all of my free time just going through your recipe collections.

  • And I also like you on facebook! That apron is SUPER cute!

  • Lori

    Kitchen gadgets and cookbooks.
    Love the apron!

  • Lori

    Also, I like you on FB. Thanks for all of the great recipes!

  • My thing is food magazines. I can never bring myself to throw them away, especially Gourmet, since it’s no longer running. I love how pretty they look all lined up in the bookshelf. I know I’ll never get to all the recipes that they contain, but I love them anyway.

  • Pam

    For me it’s definitely baking supplies! Pans, cutters, icing tips, carriers, etc….

    oh and buying “UsWeekly” magazine lol I know it’s fluff & barely true but I always want to flip through it haha

  • What a gorgeous post about aprons, makes me want to get some gorgeous ones!

    I LOVE crockery, especially tea pots, cups & saucers.
    My latest love is for blue and white sets, I just can’t get enough of them.

    Love this comp : )


  • I love office supplies of any kind. Pens, pencils, markers, paper clips, stickers, and especially post its, notebooks, and paper goods.

  • My favorite things are – cook books, yarn and kitchen gadgets. I love baking cook books the most, but any kind will do. I love love love good quality yarn – I can’t use the yarn I have because I love it too much I can’t bring myself to use it. Can one really have enough kitchen gadgets? I mean, really….

  • I used to be a paper too, when I was younger. Now I’m a handbag.. and shoes.. and scarves.. and hats… I have too many, this is why I’m poor!

    Oh and I follow you on Twitter & FB! 🙂

  • KatieK

    I love tea! All types, brewed both hot and cold! And, that apron is deeply fabulous 😀

  • KatieK

    And, I’m a fan on facebook!

  • Katie M

    Post-it notes and any plate with a floral pattern. I can’t help it!

  • Kelli B

    All kinds of kitchen gadgets and cookbooks. All of my kitchen cabinets are overflowing!

  • Kelli B

    I also follow you on facebook. 🙂

  • Oh so many, lol, but I think maybe shoes and clothes.

  • Kathy

    I also love kitchen gadgets, I’m always finding new things to add to my collection!

  • Kathy

    I also like you on facebook!

  • sharon

    Fabric for quilts I’m not sure I’ll ever find the time to make

  • Marie

    My thing is definitely cookbooks…I’m obsessed with them. And umbrellas.

  • Kaitlin

    I LOVE tote bags! I’m not at all into purses but I have a ridiculous number of totes, beach bags, etc!

  • Kaitlin

    I follow you on twitter.

  • Dyanna

    My “thing” would be measuring cups and spoons. I am constantly buying them and my Mom is always sending me cute sets she finds.m

  • Jennifer W

    I have three things.
    1) Great makeup. I mean who doesn’t want to look pretty?
    2) Kindle books. I have gotten better I have two kindles and used to get 5-8 books a week.
    3) Baking supplies. I mean anything. Funky pans, cute liners, unique tips, extracts, you name it!

  • Kaitlin

    I like you on Facebook.

  • Dyanna

    I follow you on twitter. -Dvanatta

  • Jennifer W

    I am a FB liker too! 🙂

  • Dyanna

    I “like” you. -Dyanna Vanatta

  • Katie M

    Shoes are number one, but aprons are slowly becoming my thing.

  • suzyq

    My kryptonite is dishes…baking dishes, dinner dishes, baking dishes…you name it and I could serve the royal family and their retinue!

    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  • Laura

    Well, like others I have a few “things”…..the first might sound weird but it’s butter. I cannot go to the grocery store without buying butter. I buy it in bulk at Costco and still buy it at the store because I’m afraid I’ll run out of butter when I the urge to bake or cook. I also love cookbooks and comfy summer dresses.

  • Make up!! I can’t pass up the gift with purchase.

  • Kathy

    I love buying cupcake wrappers :3

  • Sarah M

    Hello, My thing is socks, there are so many different ones that are cute and I just love seeing the different kinds. Also, my thing is cookbooks, I LOOVE them. There is so many different recipes from so many different backgrounds and culture- food is one of an important part in culture. Thanks 🙂

  • Catherine

    ohh….jeans. I don’t know why, but I LOVE buying new jeans!

  • Kat Whitford

    Apron is SO cute! 🙂 Aprons are my obsession…I have a small but well loved, and carefully chosen, collection. <3

  • Kat Whitford

    You are liked on Facebook as well! 🙂

  • Kat

    Pens are my weakness. Stationary stores, especially the ones in Taiwan, are my loves.

  • Lisa

    I love paper! I am like you; I buy it in all it’s many and glorious forms. The other thing I purchase… books! My “to read” pile is huge… hmmm, perhaps if I make a list of the books I want to read. 😉

  • Keslie

    I must admit, I have two true obsessions when it comes to retail therapy: seeds and Shakespeare. I cannot resist a well-stocked, spinning seed display. It whispers and squeaks of possibility, and it’s what keeps me coming back for more (much to my husband’s chagrin). My Shakespeare obsession comes to my shelves in the form of vintage books. There’s just something about those worn edges and linen covers that woo me every time…

  • Keslie

    Facebook love comin’ at ya all the way from Oregon!

  • Amy Martindale

    Markers… School supplies… Colored Paper!!!!!!!!!! I love them all

  • Amy Martindale

    I follow you on facebook too!

  • Tami

    I love red kitchen ware (mixers, utensils, dishes, pots and pans, especially pots and pans..) I love them all! (My husband has finally come to terms with this… 😉 I also have a thing for lipgloss, I have over 100 of them….. 🙂

  • Stacey

    My thing is hair accessories and unusual jewellery. Any time I see something sparkly or unusual – I have to get it. Hubby goes mad but I tell him it’s a womans right to buy sparkly and pretty things 🙂

  • JoAnn

    That is the cutes apron !!!! I would love to wear it.

  • JoAnn

    Shoes at 6pm.com. Though I have given it up for awhile…

  • I have a thing for old school mixing bowls and serving pieces – like the ones my grandmother and mom have. I like to find them slightly worn so that I don’t feel guilty about using them!

    Cute apron!

  • Sher

    My thing…lotions. I have so many types and Im always rubbing something on my skin. Earthy, fruity, whatever. 🙂

  • Tricia

    I love aprons and cookbooks! If I don’t win this fabulous apron, please at least tell me where I can buy one — it is too cha cha for words!

  • Heather

    I need an apron! And that is too cute!!

  • Candi

    Dishes! Any kind – serving platters, bowls, plates, etc. Especially holiday ones!

  • Candi

    I “like” you on facebook!

  • Samantha

    For me? It’s anything turquoise or teal.

    P.S. You’re so talented. The apron is so cute!

  • As a teacher, I have an addiction to teacher supplies. This ranges from pens/pencils (I have a plethora of those) or going through the teacher catalog and designing my dream classroom.

  • Jean

    Lately, I’ve been buying lots of eye cream — current favorite is Aveeno. Normally though two of my more typical indulgences are books and fabric. Now if I could just buy time to read and sew!

  • Jennifer

    My thing would have to be books. Cookbooks, fiction, non-fiction, childrens books… It doesn’t matter, I love them all.

    And I like you on Facebook.

  • Hendrike

    Teacups! I’ve loved them since I was a little girl. Like dainty princesses dressed in their floral best. =)

  • Diane

    oh my goodness, lip gloss. i can’t help myself!

  • Maria B

    My thing is pens. I love love love them 🙂

  • WineDineDivas

    We love cookbooks and aprons, and have a nice selection from Europe and the US.
    Judit & Corina

  • Oh, for me it’s paper as well. All the way. It’s an addiction.

  • My thing is kitchen gadgets. Any and all kinds. Can openers, wooden spoons, spatulas, bowls, plates, oh and mugs (I love mugs), choppers, whisks, serving spoons, and anything that will help me cook and bake better…..

  • I just ‘liked’ you on Facebook

  • Carissa

    My thing would definitely be books. All kinds, but mostly cookbooks and anatomy books. Strange combination, I know.

  • Debbie M.

    My “thing” is books and magazines. I’m big into going to the library book sale and buying books for 25 cents and I can’t pass up a bargain price food magazine at Costco.

  • Debbie M.

    Oh and I follow you on Facebook.

  • paige c


  • Margaret Barry

    Art and craft supplies….paper, definitely, pencils, paints, yarn, fabric, beads, reeds….you name it, I’ve got a stash of it.

  • Margaret Barry

    I like Confections on Facebook.

  • Marianne Loury

    My thing is good food and recipes. I love cookbooks and trying new recipes! That’s what led me to find you!

  • I am a bag lady. All bags and purses of any pretty sort. I have more now than I need and yet I still manage to purchase more when one catches my fancy. My second thing is linens I love all things hand towels, table cloths, placemats If it has a pretty pattern and I can put it in my kitchen or under something to add that special touch I have to have it or make something similar.

  • Elizabeth

    Table linens!

  • Elizabeth

    I like you on facebook

  • Ariana

    All sorts of kitchen gadgets! And shoes 🙂

  • Ariana

    I also follow you on facebook!

  • anna

    I love buying books…can’t have enough!

  • Debbie

    For me, it’s jewelry! I love rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anything and everything. Jewelry can compliment an outside and also make an outfit extra special.

  • Where to begin…? Shoes, Purses, Note Pads (I, too, am a list maker!!), Cookbooks, Kitchen Appliances/Gadgets… It’s amazing that I am able to keep my house neat and organized (most of the time, anyway!)

  • Shoefanatic614

    Shoes. 😉

  • Michelle T.

    For me, it’s books…cookbooks and craft books. I just can’t get enough!

  • Michelle T.

    I liked you on Facebook! 🙂

  • Michelle T.

    Followed you on Twitter, too…what a stalker! 😉

  • Meg L.

    my thing is placemats and other table decorations. my husband has to hold me back when i find more…

  • Tawynmanda

    I’m like you. I can’t resist buying new journals to write in. Eventhough I have plenty of journals with blank pages.

  • Amanda

    I collect yarn, ribbon, and craft projects generally! I always thinking, “some day I might need to make a pink and green baby hat,” and then I end up with baskets full of green yarn and pink ribbon 🙂

  • Amanda

    I liked you on facebook!

  • Amanda

    I follow you in twitter.

  • It’s cookbooks for me, I can’t stop buying them, it’s an addiction.

  • My “thing” is collecting cookbooks and measuring spoons.

  • I happily “follow” you on Twitter.

  • Sophie

    My ‘thing’ is definitely to-do lists/schedules, particularly when they’re colour-coded. I couldn’t survive without google calendar!

  • Sophie

    Oh, and I follow you on twitter

  • Sophie

    And have now liked you on facebook!

  • Jessica

    i have been using the same apron for years since i was 13 (i made it myself) , its white with a pink love heart pocket and pink fabric for around the neck and waist 😉 it is definitely time to update . I cant resist cooking magazines i get about 6+ a months 🙂

  • Jessica

    i follow you on twitter

  • Jessica

    i also follow you on facebook

  • Jennie

    I follow you on facebook!

  • Jennie

    My “thing” is personalized items. I am in love with things that are personalized!

  • Jessie

    I have a crazy amount of cocktail napkins. I just love all the designs. I’d have to have parties every night to get through my stash!

  • Jacqui

    My thing is kitchen gadgets – I can’t get enough!

  • Jacqui

    I am already a fan on Facebook!

  • shannon

    My Thing is old western lanterns, they decorate our house and in the kitchen its anything plaid…were a little bit country in our house!

  • im a weirdo. i looovvvee teacups. different shapes, colors, patterns, anything!

  • I follow you on FB!

  • Maggie

    Workout clothes – love new running shorts. They make me feel zippy.

  • I think my thing is cooking magazines. I love them!

  • lime green things for my kitchen! I have spatulas, a mixer, a tea kettle and pot, bowls, oh the list goes on! I just can’t pass it up!

  • Elizabeth

    I am always buying new kitchen gadgets, especially measuring cups/sppons… they will soon need their own drawer!

  • Kelly

    I have an underwear thing. And a notebook thing.

  • Nitasha

    It is a toss up between shoes and kitchen supplies. If I see a fancy doodad that I currently do not own I HAVE TO BUY IT. Granted most of those doodads are now packed in boxes while waiting for our next move (and they have been in there for almost two years now) and I don’t even remember what I own…doesn’t matter. HomeGoods is my dealer. Just when I think I’ve gone through rehab he calls me back and says “Hey baby I got this super cute mini spatula and since you are my best girl you can get it for less than all my other b*****s” (Obvi I have never had a convo with a dealer hahahaha).

  • Barb H

    My thing – cookbooks.

  • for me its makeup! i love buying lip gloss and eyeliners!

  • Becca

    Cookbooks…even though I have a family of picky eaters I read them like novels. And I love love love this apron!

  • My thing is fabric! I have bolts and bolts of all different weights! I am soon to start my sewing business. I have spoke with several suppliers and they have recommended several hot styles of fabric to make APRONS for resale. I am tired of ruining my clothes in the kitchen, so it is time I start being a DIVA! The apron on the giveaway is such a cute pattern and fabric! Thanks for the entry.
    Kelly on FB
    Lambitious Creations on FB

  • Laurelin

    I love dresses! I also love salt & pepper shakers but don’t have room to store many varieties currently.

  • I am now following you on FB.
    I found you on this terrific post: 9 Mouth Watering Cheesecake Recipes.

    Kelly on FB
    LambitiousCreations on FB

  • dianne

    My thing is cook books! I love to search the recipes and look at the pictures for ideas. And red kitchen gadgets!

  • Erin @ The Houndstooth Apron

    I have a lot of ‘things’. Books are my biggest one I guess, followed by shoes. My blog is named for my favorite kitchen accessory – my houndstooth apron!

  • Erin @ The Houndstooth Apron

    I follow you on Twitter! I’m @erinjmt.

  • That’s a gorgeous apron. Yay to worldwide giveaways. My thing is heels!

  • Now following you on Twitter1

  • Also like you on FB through my page!

  • Susan

    My thing is cookbooks…..both old and new ones…..but especially any that have chocolate dessert recipes! Just liked you on Facebook!

  • Kari

    I try to watch what I spend, but when I have the opportunity, my “thing” is a home decor items. I used to love stopping at World Market or Home Goods on my way home from work just to browse!

  • Jennifer W

    I love paper as well, so no, you’re NOT a wierdo! ha! I like to collect souvenier items from trips i take – usually a postcard or a magnet, but occasionally a t-shirt or coffee mug. 🙂

  • Katie

    My thing, weirdly enough, is chapstick. I usually have around 10 different kinds of chapsticks at a time, because I don’t like using the same one over and over. I can’t help it if I like to switch it up!

  • For me, it’s cookbooks. It doesn’t seem to matter that I already have six books on one type of cuisine, I can always talk myself in getting “just one more”!

  • wendy

    I am new to your blog and really love it.

    I can never have too many shoes………..or books. 🙂

  • Earrings. Can’t have enough of them!!

  • I just found your blog and am in love! 🙂

    I can never have too many cookbooks~ I love taking regular recipes and making them healthy! 🙂

  • Marisa

    hm..i think it’s notebooks. but i’ve got a full drawer of aprons too =)

  • Melanie

    This is gonna sound weird but I love to buy condiments (salad dressings, sauces, etc.) My fridge is full of them! 🙂

  • Eva

    I hoard books. And write daunting to-do lists. I can’t help myself.

  • Donna

    Recipes. I have twenty something blogs I have created for each individual type of food. Meat, pasta, healthy items,etc. I created a blog for my daughter with beginner cooking recipes..aahhhh recipes! Lovely apron, and thank you for the chance to have it.

  • Reagan

    I’m also in love with paper. A long time ago I use to work at a craft store and every paycheck would have a huge portion spent on the new paper that had arrived in the last few weeks. Plus you have to buy 4 of each, of course.
    Also the store Home Goods. It’s an addiction.

  • Reagan

    I liked you on Facebook!

  • Stephanie P

    Recipe cards…I love opening my recipe box with an array of different colors & feels to the hardness of the card!

  • Melissa J

    Pens, love colored pens, roller balls.

  • Thao

    my “thing” is SHOESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s so common among women that i’m not even sure if it should be considered a thing but truly, that’s my weakness!

  • Thao

    oh and I definitely follow you on FB!

  • Jill

    Paper – all kinds, fancy schmancy, and Staples brand..LOVE IT!

  • seedless grape

    It used to be yarn, until I made a New Year’s resolution not to buy any more yarn this year. These days it’s bento boxes–I can’t stop collecting them!

  • I love paper too! And pads of paper to make lists and the ones that are personalized are great!! I also love aprons, and if I had one like this one, i would wear it every day!

  • I ‘like’ you on FB, as Kira Hartgrove 🙂

  • I am following you on Twitter as ‘Hultsy’ 🙂

  • Stacey


  • Aimee

    I love sending cards!

  • Michelle

    Plates. I love plates. I’ve had to pare down my obsession since having kids but I still covet them.

  • Michelle

    I like you on Facebook.

  • Anastasia

    Things I am now forbidden to buy because of my thing for them: Purses, Blank Journals, and Cooking Gadgets lol.

  • Anastasia

    You have been added on twitter 🙂

  • Anastasia

    and facebooked 🙂

  • Delilah

    I have a habit of buying magnetic list pads from the dollar bin at target & thank you cards from TJ Maxx.

  • Alexandra

    I’m a 5th grade teacher, and for me (outside of all things williams-sonoma that is) office supplies are my thing. Post-its – I have every shape. Paperclips – I buy every color. Binder Clips, Pens, Notepads… you get the idea 🙂

  • I love cute stationary!

  • And I like you on Facebook!

  • I love buying measuring spoons and spatulas I have quite a collection and I think my family has realized that because they bought them for me. Its funny haha 🙂

  • April Marie

    Purses.. definitely purses.. When I moved in with my boyfriend he was amazed how many I had… :O)

  • Nicole

    Cupcake supplies. If I made cupcakes every single day, I would have sprinkles and liner to last a very long time.

  • Old school tools…. files, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and more.
    E.g. do I *NEED* more than 200 files of assorted sizes, shapes and teeth? not really. I use about 10 of them in a given year…. but they’re hard to pass up when found for cheap…. especially those that are less than $1…

  • I seem to collect blue colored pencils for sketches and drawings. There’s just something so much more official about blue sketch.

  • Mia

    Aprons and children’s books…LOVE them!! 🙂

  • KatieEE

    This apron is SO sassy, I love it! I can’t resist a beautiful, new cookie cutter. My latest purchase was a crown that I have too many ideas for…

  • Pam R

    I absolutely love nail polish! I have a ridiculous amount of colours but can’t help but keep buying more! I do love aprons too and that one is absolutely adorable!

  • Nancy

    My weakness is cookbooks……I collect old,new and in-between.

  • Anika

    My things is definitely books. At times I can read a book a day. Since it’s the weather’s nice now, there’s nothing better than reading a book in the park. That apron is super cute btw!

  • My thing would have to be earrings. I love them all but the ones I can’t pass up the most is vintage.

  • Recently I have developed a fetish for canning jars. Specifically the retro blue ones.

  • Aspasia

    I have always loved paper and especially thank you notes and notebooks (that I fill with To Do lists). Recently, I’ve become obsessed with aprons and cute little bowls. I just can’t resist them!

  • Taylor

    Cups! (most specifically water bottles and coffee cups) and Pens! I obsess not over how “pretty” they are but how well they write!!

  • Taylor

    I don’t have a facebook, but I liked you on Facebook! So glad I stumbled upon your site! Love it!

    • Taylor

      When I say I don’t have a facebook, I mean twitter 😛

  • Missy

    My thing is bags. Tote bags, reusable bags, purses, luggage…

  • Robin Yvonne

    Teacups! I love them, I have a sweet little collection going on in my china cabinet. My girls and I get them out for tea often.

  • Robin Yvonne

    Also “like” you on FB:)

  • Robin Yvonne

    And…follow you on Twitter!

    Tweet Tweet:)

  • LOVE cute aprons! I always find cute ones at TJ Maxx but have never actually thrown down the cash to buy one.

  • Jennifer Perez

    I love anything having to do with baking. Pans, sprinkles, cup cake wrappers. Everything! 🙂

  • Judy

    I would love a new apron!

  • Judy

    I liked you on Facebook!

  • Scarves and cardigans even though they’re terribly inappropriate for California weather!

  • Annie

    Magazines and books and then I forget to read them!

  • Lenora

    Oh, books. My “thing” is books!

  • Lenora

    I follow you on Twitter!

  • Lenora

    I “like” you on FB!

  • Annie

    I liked you on FB!

  • Joanna F

    I have a weakness for earrings. The more original or antique, the better. And all things kitchen related, of course!

  • My “thing” varies but right now it’s cupcake liners. I have a huge bin overflowing with them!

  • Jen M

    My thing is books and cookbooks (and now online recipes). I save, collect, and read, read, read!

  • Rafia

    Like you on Facebook! My thing is teacups, cant seem to have enough!

  • Laura

    Not kitchen related, but doormats. A new one every season, right?

  • Johana

    Outdoor gear! Way more than we ever have time to play with, but hey we are Alaskans and playing outside is kind of our thing. My inside thing is yarn- again, way more than I’ll ever have time or talent to knit up, but I am a huge fan of natural fibers. Looking forward to having those margaritas!
    p.s. please send limes with apron

  • Meagan

    Hey! I LOVE aprons and your blog! I like you on fb as well!

  • Allison

    I love this apron! My “thing” is lip glosses and lip balms. I always have to buy more, even though I have a stockpile at home! I can’t resist!!!
    PS I “like” you on facebook 🙂

  • Julie Arguez

    Shoes and kitchen gadgets. I’ve been banned from buying more gadgets, eck.
    Adding you to facebook and twitter!

  • stephanie amis

    I love candles!! I buy them all the time

  • Jen

    I can’t seem to stop buying cook books!

  • Teri Hamilton

    Books, books, books!

  • For me it’s yarn made of natural fibers- animal, plant- whatever. I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by yarn. Or cookbooks. 🙂

  • Sharon

    My thing is purses!

  • Sharon

    I follow on twitter @sharonjo2

  • Sharon

    I follow you on facebook.
    (Sharon O.)

  • Danielle

    My “thing” is chocolate. I literally have a stash in a box in my bedroom of all different types of bars…probably a dangerous place to keep in, but those midnight snacks urges you know…

  • Rachel

    Mine is note cards and post cards, anything that is good sent in a letter form. I like your blog.

  • Catherine Creer

    I love retro aprons my Grammie made with embroidery on them. They look sheek with pearls and orthopedic heels-comfy for cooking and elegant in their own way, especially the bone colored heels.

  • Catherine Creer

    If I’m a day late and more than a dollar short I promise to pay more attention tp time zones, day lights saving shifs or move to be a contender. But, what about getting that cute apron pattern for a concellaton prize? It will take a way from cooking ambrosia but it will be worth the wait if people can watch me cook in it AND orthopedic heels! Catherine Creer