Hungry Girl, Moody Girl

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Some friends and I discussed the Hungry Girl “Mood Foods” article several weeks ago and how it must have been mistake that queso did not make the list. After all, is there anything that turns my mood around faster than a bowl of gooey melted cheese? Maybe chocolate. And margaritas. Oh, oh, an ice cold glass of goooood Riesling.

You aren’t what you eat, you feel what you eat.

Need to focus? Go for protein. Try some low-cal string cheese (Sargento is very good and it’s actually real cheese) or boneless-skinless chicken breast.

Feeling down? Three words: CHOC-O-LATE. Chocolate contains substances that raise your seratonin levels and induce the release of endorphins. Recent studies also show that dark chocolates have heart-healthy benefits so indulge… slightly.

Feeling down? Then up? Then down again? Level out those mood swings by hydrating. You should aim for 8-10 cups of water per day. Not a big fan? Water does come in more flavors than just cold and room-temperature. Pick your favorite fruity flavor or grab one of those 5-calorie Crystal Light packages and bottoms up!

Got nerves? Get milk. A glass of milk or a handful of almonds has enough calcium to put the jitters back in their place.

Temper, temper! Chill out with a baggie of grapes, carrots, or half a grapefruit. All of these have pectin, a substance that counteracts the physiological effects of fight-or-flight when you’re angry.

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