I hate the smell of Mahi in the morning

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So I made sure we wouldn’t smell it this time. We don’t fry foods very often, but when we do, it smells up the entire first floor of the house. Sure, it’s fun for Jason to come home to a wife in the kitchen and a house that smells of food on the stove top. But, man, when we come down stairs in the morning, those leftovers hanging in the air from the night before are not the most appealing of aromas.

To quickly rid your home of “stove-top funk” after dinner, fill a small (1-2 qt) sauce-pan half full of water. Add one vanilla bean (split and scraped) and seeds or 2 Tbsp vanilla extract (I use imitation vanilla specifically for this purpose) and bring to a boil. The vanilla is an aromatic and quickly disperses through large spaces. Simmer the pot of water until your house smells wonderful!

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  • you can do this with cinnamon sticks too…and then have a yummy tea to drink after!

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