PPQ: Hill Country Peach Cobbler

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Peach Cobbler

I am super excited about this week’s selection for Project Pastry Queen: Hill Country Peach Cobbler, chosen by Josie. Peach cobbler is one my very favorite desserts, topped with a melty scoop of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

This is one of my very favorite recipes in the entire cookbook. The browned butter adds a wonderful layer of flavor to the filling and biscuits. Back when I made this the first time, I thought that it was far too sweet. During peach season, ripe peaches are plenty sweet enough to carry a dish like this!

So we:
– Cut the sugar in half so the fantastically sweet peaches could shine through.
– Substituted whole wheat flour for half of the white.
– Whisked 2 Tbsp of bourbon into the butter before putting the batter down.
– Added ~1 tsp of cinnamon to the cobbler batter.
– Instead of using 1/2 cup packed brown sugar for the topping, I just sprinkled 2 Tbsp over top.

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  • I really have been in LOVE with fruity desserts lately and I think it’s time I get in peach mode! Hopefully the markets here will be bursting with them soon and when I do, this will have to be the first recipe I make. Sold.

  • oh i love your version! I couldn’t agree more to sometimes make it not so sweet, especially when the peaches are so yummy on their own.

  • That cobbler sounds amazing. I love that you healthified it a bit, summer peaches are so good they barely need anything to make a delicious dessert!

  • Just ate a few Texas peaches earlier this week. Shared with my toddler thinking he wouldn’t like them and he ate the whole peach…and then asked for another! I’ll be making peach cobbler soon!

  • This looks amazing! Your photos always look like they could go right into a magazine! I think my goal this summer will be to work on my styling 😉

  • The dessert looks great, but I’m obsessed with the background! I have some leftover boards that I snatched at Home Depot, and plan on painting them white and mixing in a color perhaps to make something similar 😉

    • That’s exactly what we did! I painted white first and then added the blue.

  • Gorgeous picture and what a delicious recipe! Can’t wait to try it.

  • Beautiful styling. It caught my eye. And thank you for sharing the recipe with us.

  • I saw this photo on Pinterest this morning and thought it was from a magazine! Amazing! I’m looking forward to trying the recipe (with your changes, I think) on the next “rewind” week!

  • I wish I’d cut the sugar down a bit too. And seriously, your photos have gone from awesome to outstanding lately – every single one is so gorgeous!

    • I totally agree with Josie about your photos, Shawnda – gorgeous!! Peaches aren’t nearly at peak here yet so I did need all of the sugar but I’ll definitely keep this in mind when I make it again later this summer with ripe and local peaches.

  • penandra

    Although I checked out the other folks that made the recipe, I’m glad I saw your page with the recipe. I was going to NOT brown the butter because it didn’t make sense to me to do the butter in one pan and then pour it into another pan . . . of course, I could probably just put the butter in the bottom of my 8×8 and stick it in the oven, but brown to burnt can happen quickly in the oven . . . then I see yours and a cast iron fry pan! OF COURSE!! I have all the ingredients (last night was the Farmer’s market — I have fresh peaches AND fresh blueberries ;-). I will be enjoying this for dessert this evening!

  • This looks so gorgeous – the picture is absolutely stunning! I completely agree with reducing the sugar a bit to really taste the sweetness of fruit in dishes like this. Thanks!

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