Super food for a less than super game

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So what do you feed a house full of Brady haters?


The game. THAT game. You know, the game that Peyton’s little brother is playing in this weekend.

The Super Bowl itself is usually a big fat snore. After all, there is only a 1/32nd of a chance that my team will actually be in the game and statistically less than that if you understand God’s wrath directed at Houston pro sports teams. Except for one time in my entire life (last year’s game), I’ve had no interest in the game. I even stopped throwing money at the office squares pool.

The Super Bowl is about two things for this bitter Houston fan football junkie: Food and more food. Appetizer Sunday is an all-day graze fest. Mounds of tortilla chips, margaritas, seven different dips and salsas, wings, margaritas, sliders, fajitas, and margaritas. Okay, so perhaps the game is about food and drink.

So what’s on our game day buffet?

Pesto PalmiersBlackberry and Pinot Noir Glazed Meatballs
Peacho de GalloFried Ravioli
Black & White SalsaCilantro Chicken Phyllo Purses

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  • Mike

    Looks like a lot of tasty finger food.

  • Looks like a lot of yummy food. I haven’t even begun to think of what we’re eating yet. I’m a little bitter myself.

  • Kate

    I’m starting to make my superbowl food tonight!

  • Mmmm…Can I come? Actually, it sounds like a good time/excuse to make the Pesto Palmiers.

  • I could get into football just to eat the amazing food you make.

  • What do you have against the glorious Tom Brady? 🙂 Your appetizers look amazing!

  • Superbowl is all about the food for me, I usually can’t even tell you who’s playing… Sounds like you’ll have an awesome array of food!

  • The only thing that could be better than watching the Patriots lose the Superbowl would be seeing the Giants lose a Superbowl.

    Go Eagles! (A girl can dream…)

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