Bananas Foster Shortcake

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Bananas Foster Shortcakes

For last week’s Project Pastry Queen challenge, the group baked up some Bananas Foster Shortcakes, while I stood by staring at the bunch of neon green bananas on my counter. I have never seen bananas so green! And in typical banana fashion, two days later they were almost too ripe to use.

This dish is a fun twist on the famous New Orleans dessert. I first had Bananas Foster at the swanky Commander’s Palace in NOLA… 12 years ago? Gah. 12 years! This version combines that buttery (and rummy!) brown sugar sauce, sliced bananas, and vanilla ice cream with crumbly, shortcake biscuits. The sauce, bananas, and ice cream are excellent enough on their own. I wasn’t so much a fan of the biscuit recipe – they were a little too crumbly and dry for my taste (I usually just add a couple Tbsp of sugar to our favorite breakfast biscuit and use that for shortcakes.)

Bananas Foster Shortcakes

I didn’t do anything different except I only made 1/4 the sauce and substituted half of the flour with whole wheat. I also didn’t cook the bananas with the sauce – I tossed them with the sauce right before plating so they’d be a little fresher looking for photos.

For the full recipe, head over to A Gilt Nutmeg. Next week, we’re whipping up a fun & light dinner: Ceasar Salad Pizzas!

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  • I need this in my life. Yum!

  • Oh wow never would have thought of making a shortcake with banana foster, but it’s great!

  • I can imagine the cakes being very dry crumbly indeed when paired with ice cream–I think I liked the cakes as they were because a) I was very generous with the syrup to moisten them and b) I used whipped cream instead of the ice cream, which was a little more gentle than hard frozen ice cream when combined with the cake.

    That said, my shortcakes look like a big messy pile of dessert where as yours look lovely and refined!

  • This looks fantastic! The only time I’ve had Bananas Foster was out at a fancy seafood restaurant and even after a huge meal I finished the whole darn dessert. Perhaps this smaller portioning would be to my waistline’s advantage!

  • These look fantastic!! A must make!

  • This looks amazing!!! I haven’t had Banana Fosters in forever. Def need to try this!

  • I was WONDERING why you didn’t post with the group this weekend! I couldn’t see you passing this one up. 😛

    I’m so in love. I first had bananas foster on a cruise and thereafter wanted it for breakfast every day of my life. Can we call this breakfast since it has fruit in it?

  • What a gorgeous and delicious looking dessert! Super creative take on a traditional, elegant bananas foster, too. Thanks for sharing, Shawnda! I always so look forward to new recipes and photos from you… you’re one of my favorites.

  • Gorgeous! I came across this on another website, but I’ll definitely try some of your recipes! And I noticed you were on Parent’s best blog contest, so I voted. I’m on there too, so check me out!! Great photos, and the recipes look amazing. I actually have a vanilla bean right now…hello, sea salt caramels??!

  • Erin @ Cooking on Whim

    So pretty~ and I see vanilla bean specs. My favorite!

  • Shawnda, this looks delicious. I’m wishing I would have had the time to make it this week. I also remember the first time I had it, on Prom night at Brennan’s restaurant in Houston. That was many years ago, and I’m not telling how many!!!

  • I made this recipe once before and I felt the same as you – good sauce and topping, but the biscuits were not so great. I have been meaning to remake it at some point and correct the problems so it lives up to the awesomeness of the idea of bananas foster shortcake 🙂

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