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Eggplant and Green Beans

What’s in your fall garden? We’ve got 4 raised beds, full of:
2 Tomatoes (a roma and something else)
Butternut squash (3)
Jalapeno (1)
Serrano (1)
Bell pepper (a red, green, yellow, and orange)
Green beans (8)
Eggplant (1)

Butternut Squash and Bell Peppers

My salad greens, broccoli, and cauliflower didn’t take from seed so I’m planning to pick up some small plants to get those started.

Butternut Squash, Pink Lemon, and Herbs

The drought cost us an avocado tree and a dwarf satsuma tree. And 6 or 7 attempts at cilantro, which grows beautifully when it’s not 763 degrees out. Squash vine borers will probably keep us from planting zucchini next year.

And the basil has gone wild after a weekend full of rain – I’m pulling nearly all of it up for a big batch of pesto for the freezer.

Jalapeno, Key Lime, and Figs

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  • So jealous. Everything looks to be growing so well!

  • What a beautiful garden!

  • I’m very impressed with your garden! I don’t have one. Just a little avocado plant that I keep trying to kill haha.

  • I am 1000% jealous of your garden! I’m thisclose to moving in with you just so I can reap it’s benefits (and eat all of your delicious food!)

  • Three butternut squash plants?! Oh boy, I suspect you’re going to have to clear out a cabinet to store all of that throughout the winter!

    I harvested five acorn squash last weekend, but I only have one more growing in the garden. I’m not sure why, so I’m going to throw some fertilizer down and see if some more start growing. I pulled my basil too, so now I have thyme, mint, oregano, and parsley spreading like mad. I also seem to have planted a pickling cucumber plant, which is spreading all over my yard. I had a jalapeno plant that was doing really well, but the cucumber plant knocked it over. And last but certainly most, one of the tomato plants I planted late in the season when the rest of mine died is doing well, so if the weather stays as warm as it has been, I might get a few tomatoes from that before the season ends.

  • WOW, your garden is still so green and lush. I’m staring at a bunch of brown and withered plants that have faded with the season.

  • I love all this garden fun. I had 2 acorn squash plants that took over everywhere and blocked the sun from my peppers, but gave us about 10 squashes. I took out part of our front yard for our garden since last year the dog ate things in the back yard. I’m just getting ready to take out the tomato plants this weekend, then on to start my first “cool” season garden, California cool that is, so I think stuff will grow. Chard, Chinese mustard, carrots, spinach, and garlic…mmmmm.

  • Girl, you have got a green thumb!! Your garden looks lovely!! I’m tempted to fly you out here to help me start one in my backyard. 🙂

  • I’m impressed!

    My mother grows tomatoes and jalapenos and then makes the world’s best salsa. Hopefully when I have a real yard to work with I can get one started too!

  • BeckyS

    What a beautiful garden! Enjoy all that you harvest, there is nothing finer!

  • Wendy

    I love your garden!! We live in Austin and will be moving to a new house in February…. I can’t wait to get started on my own garden! I hope I don’t kill everything… hahaha 🙂

  • penandra

    Your garden looks beautiful! I had planted brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli then we had a week of triple digit temps and everything died. So I planted some more and added celery and an acorn squash to the mix. We are starting to get cooler (and damper) weather (Northern Calif) and I’m still getting tomatoes (albeit not as many). I’ll be planting fava (to help amend the soil) in the tomato beds when I finally clean them out.

  • Laurie

    Hi! We learned last year that my leaving grass growing between rows and just mowing it(a little more conservation friendly) actually encouraged the borer nasty worms. They overwinter in undisturbed ground. So theoretically, if you double dig your raised beds and really mix things up, maybe several times over the winter, next summer you can have gorgeous zucchini. Good luck!!

    • This sounds *exactly* like what we do. I will try to remember that this year and see how we fare next year. Thank you so much for the advice!

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