I’m gonna need a bigger backyard.

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I’ve gotten really good at cramming too much stuff into too little a space, having had to lay on the bed to get my jeans to zip for the last couple of weeks. But even then, I’m hardly a miracle worker. And I’ve completely maxed out my 8×4 raised garden bed.

The carrots and non-tomato-bug-repelling herbs have already been exiled to pots. I see only one solution: knock down the fence and take the neighbor’s backyard by force.

Jason sees another: stop trying to hoard the state’s supply of tomato seeds.

Sometimes I’m not sure how we stay married.

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  • Maria

    Ha, you need to go vertical!

  • Oooh, I’d love to see everything labeled! Not doing a garden this year, but trying to gather ideas for next year!

  • Robby

    If you plant that volume of zucchini along the fence line, you probably will invade the neighbors yard. Just an observation, of course.

  • Looks like that’s gonna be a major project! Well worth it, though, when you reap the fruits of your labor this summer!

  • Shelley

    I am trying out ‘smart pots’ in my small city FRONT YARD this spring. Last year I planted a cornfield on my 4 x 8 plot of land… unfortunately I either (a) planted them too close together (b) left them on the stalk too long -or- (c) didn’t get enough sun due to neighbor’s and the association’s trees in the greenbelt. I will plant an experimental vegetable garden this year using the cloth pots… I can move them around (maybe onto the communal walkway??) if I need more sun… heh… love the map of your raised garden bed!

  • LaDonna

    Can you show us labels for everything planted?

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