Restaurant-Style Queso Blanco

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A local, very popular Mexican restaurant has a killer white queso. Queso Blanco. It’s this incredibly smooth, cheesy concoction like nothing I have ever been able to reliably replicate at home with expensive Mexican cheeses. When asked, I was told it was Monterrey Jack. But I’ve tossed enough grainy and separated queso in the trash to know that monterrey jack alone does not a good queso dip make! And now I know why. They don’t use expensive Mexican cheeses. They use white American cheese.

White American cheese. I would have never, ever guessed. It melts so smoothly, we’re talking Velveeta smooth. And using it to make a queso perfect for dipping chips requires far less bargaining with higher authorities. White American cheese is only sold at the deli counter of my HEB so I have them cut 3 slices on 10 and then shred it at home. Monterrey Jack is optional – it gives the cheese a little stretch factor but I don’t miss it when I don’t use it.

This is the queso I’ve always want to make at home without using Velveeta (don’t get me wrong, I love me some Velveeta!). This is the queso we spend far too much money on to get at a restaurant. This is the queso that I’ve attempted to blog for 4 years now. I was pretty psyched to be able to make it several times at home without a single issue. Makes me wonder if my beloved Kerbey Queso might also use white American cheese…

Queso Candle Warmer

And if you ever find that your small crockpot is missing – or was mistakenly added to the Goodwill box – you’re not out of luck – you can use a candle warmer! I’ve used it for chocolate before and with the Super Bowl guests arriving, I was desperate. It worked beautifully! The queso stayed scoopable and I stirred it everytime I walked by to melt the skin that had formed on top. Just make sure that the bottom of your bowl is small enough to fit – it should completely rest on the warming plate and not the plastic molding around it.

Restaurant-Style Queso Blanco

Get smooth and creamy restaurant-style chile con queso at home.


  • 1 Tbsp cooking oil (veggie, olive, canola - whatever you have)
  • 1/4 cup white onion, diced
  • 1 large jalapeno or serrano, seeds and stem removed; diced
  • 12 oz white American cheese (I have the deli give me 3 slices on 10), shredded
  • 4 oz Monterrey Jack cheese, shredded (optional; don't use pre-shredded)
  • 1/4-2/3 cup cream, half-and-half, or whole milk
  • 2 roma tomatoes, seeds removed and diced
  • 1 small bunch cilantro, roughly chopped


  1. Heat the oil in a saute pan. Cook the onion and pepper until softened and reduce heat to medium-low.
  2. Add the shredded cheese and 1/4 cup of the cream. Stir until mostly melted.
  3. Add the tomatoes, cilantro, and additional cream a little at a time until you reach desired consistency.
  4. Serve with chips, on migas, or my favorite - a stack of still-warm homemade tortillas.


Yields: ~2 cups

Source: Confections of a Foodie Bride

Estimated time: 15 minutes

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  • i love queso but usually buy it pre-made. i never would have thought to use american cheese in it though!

    • kolby


    • Mary Van Deusen

      I finally figured out that white American cheese IS the best for making Queso Blanco and started making it that way. I have never been disappointed!

  • Oh my goodness. I could have written the first paragraph of this post myself. I’ve tried so many cheeses trying to figure this out but never have. So glad to finally know the answer. I can’t WAIT to try it because I have some ideas for variations. I’m not exactly sure what “3 slices on 10” means but I’ll ask for it and see what happens. 🙂

    • Paula – they’ll understand! the big metal slicers they use at the deli have number marks that corelate to slice thickness. 10 is the thickest (that they advertise). Each slice will be ~4oz. The thick slices makes them easier for me to grate.

  • Me and my pregnant appetite are eternally grateful to you for this. (My thighs are decidedly less so.)

  • I have been looking for this for the longest time. And I also would have never guessed white American cheese. Thank you so much for discovering this! I can’t wait to try it out!

  • I have a weakness for Queso and have had some serious cravings lately. This version sounds so awesome I’d eat it for breakfast if I had some in front of me right now 🙂

  • congratulations on the solved mystery!That is one cheesy delicious looking queso blanco!

  • Oh wow. I need to make this immediately. You know, my seven months living in Dallas totally spoiled me, and I have yet to find queso that I like as much as the kind I had while living there. That pretty much goes for all Tex-Mex food, though…and Central Market. Apparently, I need to move back! 😉 I can’t wait to try this!

  • That queso looks gorgeous!! I’ve been looking for a nice alternative to the stuff in a jar, so I definitely want to give this a try. Congrats on your cheesy success! 😀

  • Michelle

    Oh my, are you referring to a restaurant that starts with Esca and ends with lantes? If so I adore their queso blanco. If not then I need to know what other queso blanco I’m missing out on. Can’t wait to try this! Thanks!

  • I too have been searching for the perfect recipe, I am going to be trying this one soon.

  • Jen

    Thank you…from the bottom of my heart. I, too, have thrown out too many sad, greasy bowls of monterrey jack-queso-wanna be. This is a keeper.

  • Natalie

    I think I remember that that’s why American cheese was invented, to be better at melting. That’s why it’s the best for burgers. “Gourmet” and “upscale” eateries use it a lot more than they, or anyone else, would like to admit, but as for me, I say “HOORAY” for science and food inventions that make food delicious and fool proof.

  • One of my friend’s mom has a great story about queso at a restaurant. She said it was so good that she asked the waiter what was in it. He asked the cooks, and cheerfully replied with, “Vellyveeta!” (evidently how he pronounced it)

    Anyway, I’d love to give this a try! I’ve made queso in a similar way, just hadn’t tried it with white American. Agreed that fresh tortillas make the best queso vehicle…

  • I’m bookmarking! 😉 Thanks for not giving up till you found out how they did it!

  • Wow – a delicious and deadly recipe! gracias 🙂

  • Megan

    Oh this is getting made in conjunction with the Nacho bar we’re doing for Halloween on Sunday – looks like a winner!

  • This could be a full dinner, right? I <3 this stuff!

  • Megan

    I am super excited to try this. I always had to go out for good queso.

  • i’ve never had white american cheese… or so i thought! maybe my favorite local mexican place subscribes to the same philosophy! 🙂

  • Wow – a delicious and deadly recipe! gracias 🙂

  • b @

    This recipe looks great! What is the local Mexican restaurant? I am always on the hunt for some great Mexican food in Houston!

  • My local Mexican restaurant makes amazing white queso and I have always suspected that it had American cheese in it! You have definitely confirmed my suspicion! 🙂

  • Jennyfern

    OMG, I LOVE KERBEY QUESO! I don’t know how they make it but I can’t leave Austin because a life without this cheese is a life not worth living!

  • This looks so good. I am a BIG fan of Mexican food and a friend of mine would just die for this stuff. I am going to make it for her. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Oh yummy! Thank you, thank you for your dedicated research!
    Will be making this weekend!

  • Cynthia

    I’m curious too which restaraunt, is it Berryhill? If so can’t wait to make this at home.

  • Rich

    That looks really great – there was a place where I went to school in Waco, TX that had this absolutely fantastic white queso, and being the stupid college students we were, we all just figured it was mozzarella. So we went home and melted a couple pounds of mozzarella and confirmed that we were stupid college students. In retrospect, I do suspect that it was some kind of queso fresco, or even American. All that to say, I’m dumb, and your queso is making me hungry.

    • Trish

      Rich, which restaurant was that in Waco? This former Bear tried them all but Trujullios was my fav!

  • I must must must make this. I’ve been craving queso for months now and my closest (good) queso seller is an hour drive away. <3

  • I made this the other day and it was so delicious! Thanks!

  • D

    This looks delicous! Do you have to use the onion?

  • Irene L.

    I am making this for super bowl, can I make it a day or two ahead of time?

    • @Irene L., Definitely. Just give it a few 30-second spins in the microwave and stir in between before serving.

  • Irene L.

    Thanks for such a quick reply!

  • Mary

    I was really excited to try this, but I didn’t think it was very good. It was really bland, and the white American cheese made it taste kind of waxy.Bummer.

  • I just made this today for the superbowl and it turned out great! I also added some pepper jack and garlic salt to have more flavor. Thanks so much as I was looking for something other than the typical Velveeta this year!!

  • Oh my goodness. This is so good! I can’t belies I finally found a queso recipe that takes like the one in the restaurants here in Austin. Even my husband loved it and he always says he likes velvetta better when I’ve tried a new queso recipe. I personally hate velvetta queso. I did use about 4 small serranos the second time around because the jalapeño just didn’t cut it the first time – it tasted like bell pepper. I also added salt and alot of cream to reach a creamier consistency so that might have been the problem for the poster that said it was waxy and bland. Now that I have a base recipe I can begin to experiment with different additions. Btw have you ever tried to do this with yellow American cheese?

    • @Nadia, Glad you liked it! I haven’t tried yellow American cheese. My husband despises the stuff so I never buy it. He will eat Velveeta occasionally, though 🙂

  • Thanks for explaining the 3 slices on 10. I’m going to be trying this recipe this weekend!

  • We made this dip and LOVED it. It seriously is addicting. We dipped with tortilla chips but I will definitely try your suggestion of warm tortillas next time! And there so will be a next time, many many more! Thanks for sharing.

  • Heath

    This sounds excellent! I am buying the stuff on the way home tonight. My wife never likes any queso blanco except when we eat out! Cant wait to try it!

  • This looks amazing! I’m doing a nacho bar for my twins’ birthday party on Saturday, and will definitely be adding this queso blanco. Can I throw it in a crockpot on low so it stays warm during the party, or will that screw it up? Thanks!

    • It performs wonderfully in the crockpot – just stir it every once in a while!

      • Thanks! It was a HUGE hit at the party. I had many requests for the recipe, and people even raved about it to my clueless husband! He honestly thought they were talking about the shredded cheese I also put out since he never got a chance to try the queso.

  • Scarlett

    Glad I found this webpage! Austin native here, so *I* knew what you meant by 3 slices on 10. Unfortunately, I now live in Albuquerque, where you’d think they know how to make great queso anyway. Not so. And no deli in the entire city has numbers on their slicers! I’ve tried explaining at several stores how the numbers allow customers to have consistent slices each time, but they stare at me blankly. Oh well. Local Sunflower has the white American by the block, so I’ll be trying this recipe ASAP. Thanks!

    • Ask the deli clerk to slice it “thick to medium”….or about the thickness of a “thick piece of ham”. They should surely understand that description. LOL. What you are looking for is something THICK enough to grate, but thin enough to still melt when grated. If nothing else….I have asked for a “1 lb block” at a time, and just used my hand grater to grate it up into slices/shavings and done it “the old fashion way”!

      You are really just looking for a simple, quick, and SMOOTH way of melting the cheese before it burns, scorches, or browns….so the thin…yet at the same time grate-able thickness sliced cheese is the best.

      Hope this helps.

  • Andrew

    I have literally tried for years to get a Kerbey employee to spill the beans on their queso recipe. It’s a closely-held secret. Most of the employees don’t know it, and the ones who do are sworn to secrecy on pain of death.

    I’ve heard that they use 3 cheeses and that one is asadero, which is very smooth when melted. They have to use American as a base because regular cheese just doesn’t melt like processed cheese does. I would suspect MJ for the third. Add some cream and some combination of spices, and you’ll have something that won’t taste anything like Kerbey’s. 😉

  • anthony

    what do you mean 3 slices on 10???

  • Lindsay Burck

    love it love it love it love it!!! Thank you sooo much!

  • Thank you for elevating queso above Velveeta and Ro-Tel – not that there’s anything wrong with that… 🙂

  • OMG!!! I love taco Cabana, I recently went to dallas over this thanksgiving weekend. I was reminded of how great their Queso was… I thought “what kind of cheese is that”. Today I was craving queso all I had in the fridge was sliced amercan cheese, I googled found this page… NOW I KNOW! ilt’s almost the same, I added garlic but… wow THANK YOU FOR THIS PAGE!!

  • Betty McCormick

    I have been looking all over for a good Queso recipe. I tried one with Velveeta cheese. It was so salty I threw it out.


  • chris

    also, you could add 1/4 of a round of cacique asedero cheese( instead of the jack) ( it’s a small wheel of mexican cheese), just to give it more body and flavor. its alot better than the M-jack ( i worked at a mexican resturaunt, and they used asedero instead of the jack) it keeps it creamy while adding a diff element of cheese-y flavor and goodness. GREAT recipie !!!!

  • Anne

    Made this last night and served as an appetizer and the comments I received were “this is awesome”. I even, by accident, put to much Monterrey Jack Cheese in and it still was delicious. I served it with the Brie and Brisket Taco’s – dinner was a big hit!

    • Glad you liked it! I’d have to agree… dinner sounds amazing 🙂

  • Brandi

    This was okay. I felt like I kept adding more and more half & half. Never got to a creamy consistency. And finally stopped adding liquid because it was diluting the flavor. It was okay. Still on the hunt. One post said to add a certain Mexican cheese. Maybe velveeta is the only way to get that creamy texture.

  • Libby

    This is liquid gold! Made it for watching the playoffs today and it was fantastic! So happy to have a queso recipe reminiscent of my time working in Houston! Thank you foodie bride!

  • Alan

    Awesome! I too love the Kerbey queso, and this is without a doubt the best queso dish I have ever made myself. Thank you!

  • Mally

    I think there must be different kinds of white American. I got mine in the Kosher section at costco, and it didn’t get smooth and melty until I added almost twice as much cream/milk as the recipe calls for, so the flavor wasn’t that good. Will try again using regular grocery store white American.

  • robin

    Thank you so much!! I made the queso and its delicious!! I’ve wanted the secret for a long time and now I have it!!!

  • Alicia

    WOW!! Most amazing queso blanco recipe I have found!! Thank you!

  • Swampmama

    Tried it! Love it! Simple to do! I’m sensitive to spicy so I used a banana pepper instead of a jalapeño or Serrano. Makes me want to forget the chips and just use a spoon! Thanks so much.

  • Michael

    I grew up in South Carolina; and enjoyed that warm creamy white queso dip with my chips at Mexican restaurants. It was the best, ever! They just referred to it as queso. I now live in California where everyone is missing out!! No one here knows what the heck I’m talking about. Not even the Mexican restaurants. One time I asked for queso, and they brought me out shredded cheese on a plate. lol! Now I can’t wait to try this recipe!!!

    When I lived in the south and had queso (in several states and locations), it was good. It wasn’t HOT spicy. Will the ingredients in this recipe make it flamin’ spicy? Just a hint of spice? Low spice? Anyone know?

    • All the heat will come from the pepper. They’re unpredictable so you could get anything from cool to lip-numbing hot 🙂

    • beth

      If you live in Carlsbad or San Diego there’s a new mexican restaurant that opened in the old Marie Calendars there. They have queso they serve free with the chips and salsa. Miguel’s Cocina is what it is called.

      It is a chain restaurant… it’s called the jalapeño sauce (not queso) but, it’s queso.

    • Vickie

      Questo means cheese in Spanish so when you ask for “queso” that’s exactly what you’re going to get, cheese on a plate. lol! I ran into the same problem when I came from another area where “bean dip” was offered in every one of our Mexican restaurants. It consisted of a bowl of refried beans, a delicious mole or red “house” sauce, depending on the restaurant, and a load of melted cheese on top. Served with warm, crispy tortilla chips. It was so delicious. When I asked for “bean dip” in our new location, no one knew what I was talking about. Even when I tried to describe it, they couldn’t re produce it for some reason. So sad.

    • Michelle

      I bet you were talking about Monterrey’s Mexican Restaurant. They have the best queso dip in SC they bring it out very hot and drippy with warm tortillas. I’m really amazed that queso dip isn’t served in California Mexican restaurants seems like it would be a staple.

  • Fraizerbaz

    Has anyone experimented with cream cheese for this recipe? Just curious.

  • Texasgal

    FYI, Velveeta has started making a WHITE processed cheese called “Queso Blanco”! It comes in the same size yellow box as the original (yellow) Velveeta cheese and has great “melt-ability”. I bought mine at my local Walmart. Works perfectly with this recipe & I used the grated asadero & left off the Monterey Jack. GREAT DIP!

  • This is like opening Pandora’s Box. Now that I know how to make it, I’m so tempted to make it much more than a human being should have queso. Thank you for an amazing recipe!

  • Ro


  • Michelle N

    I have a gluten intollerance and try not to eat out to avoid food contamination. This recipe is life-changing! Cannot wait to try! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Meena

    Thank you so much for this recipe. It was a success at a party!

  • Faith

    This was delicious. It tasted very close to Berry Hill’s, which is the best in Houston. It was also SO easy and fast. Thank you!

  • Faith

    Also: I couldn’t get white American cheese at Kroger, but they had a Kroger brand cheese called “Hot Pepper cheese product” that worked.

  • Woody

    This is a great starting point. I added a can of diced chiles, 1/4 cup of diced jarred jalapeños and a teaspoon of Tabasco. And it was much more “Mexican.” next time I’ll try some cheddar, and back off on the American. I got four slices of american cheese sliced on 10 and that was the required 12 oz.
    That said, my wife and I ate almost the entire batch!

  • amanda

    Through a google search I found your site while trying to find a non-velveeta way to make Queso….small world as we must be in the same city- Kerby Lane and HEB! 🙂 I got the boats head white American at HEB today and my queso was awesome!! Thank you so much! I am so excited to not use fake plastic cheese now!!! 🙂

  • This sounds SO good. I think this is what they use for the O’Charley’s Twisted Chips and Cheese. It looks like it. I SO want that right now.

  • Kim W.

    Our local Mexican restaurant make this and it is very good. A friend told me this is there recipe.
    1# American Slice wrapped White Cheese ( slice wrapped)
    1 C. Half and Half
    3/4 C. Jalapeño juice from Jarred sliced jalapeños
    Put in glass bowl & microwave 1 minute at a time . stir in between. Totaling 4-5 minutes. Till it is totally melted.
    Optional finally chopped jalapeno…to your likings. ENJOY WITH CHIPS.
    * I find my Kraft single wrapped cheese at Wal-Mart dairy section. 1 pkg per batch.

  • Ed Jefferis

    Does anyone ever use real queso blanco cheese for this dip. I made the real thing last weekend it takes nothing more than a gallon of mike a 1/4 cup of vinegar and a 1/2 teaspoon of cheese salt. and an hour or so of your time.

    I can’t find a recipe for the dip that uses real cheese. Ed

  • Grace

    This queso tasted very processed, like Tostito’s jar of queso. Not surprised though since it uses American cheese. I liked the addition of Serrano peppers though. It gave it a kick. The fresh cilantro was also nice.

  • Susan N.

    Thank you so much for this recipe, I was especially excited when you mentioned Kerbey Lane, because thats exactly what im trying to replicate, so I can make their outstanding “Eggs Francisco”, which has their queso on it. Reminds me of a take on Eggs Benedict.

    • Woah. How have I missed “Eggs Francisco” before? I need to go back soon.

  • Melissa

    I made this for super bowl (however, in my house it’s all about the commercials). It was such a hit that two of my friends stood around my mini crock pot as if they were the only ones in eating it. One of them finally had to stop eating it after she said “I think I’ve eaten my weight in cheese”. Thank you for sharing this recipe – I love it!

  • Hestin

    Oh my!!! I too have been searching for this recipe. I kept asking at our local Mexican restaurant but the cooks and servers don’t speak English well. They just kept saying “American ” when asked what kind of cheese they use.

    I have made this twice now and prefer the richness of it when made with heavy whipping cream.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! It is the perfect companion to our homemade Burritos.

  • Ben Z.

    The eggs benedict recipe looks CRAZY good. I asked a Mexican Chef at my restaurant how he makes queso at home and he too said to use White American cheese.. My question (I’m new at this cooking stuff) is what do you mean by having the deli give you “3 slices on 10”.. I’m sure it’s a dumb question but I want to get this right!

    Thanks a lot!

  • Mary

    This is perfect, exactly what I was looking for! It takes just a few minutes to throw together, and is absolutely delicious!

  • This us the recipe I’ve been searching for! I just made this and it’sAWESOME! This is exactly like in the Mexican restaurant except iI can make it a little thicker. Thank you so much!

  • Stephanie

    I tried this recipe out this weekend for a party we were having. I followed the recipe to the tee and it turned out horrible! The cheese would not blend with the cream, so I was left with a creamy mess on top of a glob of cheese! So disappointed.

  • TJ

    I made a trial run on this dip for a Wedding Shower of 50 couples that I am making the dips for. I followed it to a tee also and it was absolutely fabulous. I read the reviews and decided to experiment with sour cream and thought that was very good too! It is a very nice looking, dishy dish! Thank you, I was getting a little worried there for awhile, trying to find a GOOD queso recipe!

  • stacey hale

    My boyfriend and I went to TGI Fridays yesterday and he loved their white con queso dip so much, I had to Google a recipe of some sort to try to impress him and duplicate a food he loved so much. I came upon this and was so excited, I went out on my lunch break and bought all the ingredients. Cant wait to try this. Sounds like such a winner!!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Jennifer rasigade

    I don’t know which mexican restaurant you are talking about since we don’t live in the same area. But the mexican restaurant I go to uses Chiuahaha cheese. That is why it has the white flavor to it. I’ve had it with American cheese but nothing beats it with Mexican cheese.

  • Carla

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipies on here for us cook loving women/men. I can’t tell you how many times I have reffered to your website for recipe ideas. It is a blessing to have people like you and your family. Thanks again and God bless.

  • Ann Orgel

    Thank you!! I made this today and it was a big hit! So good!

  • Rachael

    I can’t find white american cheese at our deli counters here. Maybe I should be asking for something else?

    • My store carries it in Land o’ Lakes brand and a house brand. I usually get house brand but both are labeled as White American cheese.

  • April

    Have you HEB brand queso blanco? It’s th HEB version of velveeta. I make my queso with the this-the one without peppers.

  • Heather Sinnott

    This is an amazing Queso Recipe! My boyfriend is very picky, but he was in heaven! Thank you so much for sharing this!!! 🙂

  • Kris

    They might use American cheese in Tex Mex restaurants, but not in authentic Mexican restaurants. You can make a smooth dip with Chihuahua cheese and milk, melting it over low heat.

  • Vickie

    I’ve been using white American in my queso dip for several years now as well as in my Mac & Cheese. Seriously, if you want the best Mac & Cheese you’ve ever tasted, toss in some white American….you will be shocked at how good it is. I learned about using this yummy cheese a few years back from one of my favorite local restaurants. They served the best M & C on the planet. Everyone who came in ordered it. I could never reproduce it and I’m considered to be a darn good cook. When the owner told me her “secret”…I was shocked, but elated at such an easy solution. Anyway, back to the Queso…I ran out of Velveeta but had a 12 0z package of white American, whcich can be found at any grocery store nowadays, so I just tossed that in….didn’t shred it or anything. It was a gigantic hit and I’ve been making it that way ever since. Truthfully, you don’t have to shred it at all. It has such a low melting point and melts beautifully into a smooth, creamy sauce regardless of what form it’s in. Regardless of what your recipe for Queso dip is, whether it’s just a can of chili & cheese, or Ro-Tel & cheese or a more elaborate version, such as yours, white American just makes it so much better!

  • Patrick

    Similar to nearly all of the comments, I have been trying to making restaurant-style con queso for the longest time. I did not know why I couldn’t achieve a similar taste and consistency; however, now I do. Thank you for sharing! It was amazing. My girlfriend and I are super pumped!

  • Molly F Swanson

    I apologize if someone already mentioned this (I didn’t have the time to read through all of the comments) but Velveeta now makes a Queso Blanco cheese. I know, I know. Velveeta, eww! But it really is fabulous! I usually add a can of Ro-Tel or, if I have them on hand, the ingredients that you mentioned. Thanks for the tip about the white American. I will definitely be trying that soon!

  • Marion

    The first (and only) time I tasted Queso was in Austin, at Kerbey Lane, while on a student exchange. I remember falling in love with it instantly. I’m from Quebec, what type of cheese is American cheese? Cheddar? Mozzarella?

    Thanks for your help!

  • D

    Hi! I tried making this tonight and the cheese was on its way to melting perfectly, but then it just sort of stopped – even with adding more milk! It ended up being too thick! Do you have any tips on getting the cheese to preferred (melted/dip-able) consistency?

    • Alicia

      A lot of the recipes I’ve used that needed melted cheese has you heat the liquid to almost boiling (in this case cream), then stir in the cheese. Stir until it melts.

  • Brittany

    This islands down the best white queso recipe I have eer made. Thank you for sharing this!! Kudos to you for figuring out a perfect recipe!

    *Also, for those that said it was a big glob of cheese or too thick, I just kept adding milk (2%) until I got the right consistency, otherwise it would be a waste of cheese because it needs something to cut it and make it creamier and not as thick.

    • Brittany

      Oops, meant “This is hands down,” not islands lol. Stupid auto correct. ????

  • B-girl

    One tip I learned from fonduing is to toss your shredded cheese (not pre-shredded) in cornstarch. This ensures a delicious and perfectly melty cheese dip without the stringy mess.

  • Jcduck

    White American cheddar, is this a mild medium or old cheddar? We have Canadian Cheddar here in Canada and the White (no color added) is usually the extra old, tends to be grainy when I melt into a sauce.

  • cindy smith

    Add a block of cream cheese to it also.

  • Christy

    MIND BLOWN! Two lines into reading this post! I, just like you, have tried numerous times to duplicate this!!! THANK YOU!!

  • Hoang

    Very easy to make. The only issue i had was that I can’t get shredded white american. So i got non shredded white american. The queso tasted good. The only problem was when I made it, it wasn’t thick. Does it mean I pour in too much milk( half and half).

    • Hoang, the recipe says to start with 1/4 cup then add more to the right consistency.

  • Deborah Murry

    I use canned evaporated milk. It does help to make this sauce creamy

  • I have lived in Texas for 30 years and Love queso but I have just now found a perfect recipe! Delicious!

  • This looks so good, and just bought white cheese to try it… Wish me luck!! One thing I have done in the past when making Velveeta cheese dip was use dental floss to cut the cheese into small blocks. I added about 5-6 1/2 tablespoons of stick butter to it when I melt it in the microwave on a low defrost setting of 4 for increments of 3 to 5 minutes. Stir after each time until it is the creamy consistency to add about 1/4 cup milk and continue at defrost setting … This avoids scorching the cheese… Then I add my Rotel, or fresh sauted veggies… Now to try this with the white American cheese!!!

  • I figured this out years ago. I worked in the offices of a chain of Mexican restaurants. They had the best queso ever…so I made it my business to figure out what went into it….. Yes American cheese, couldn’t even believe it. It’s cooked a bit different….in large double boilers and the veg it placed in the pots cleaned and raw and the queso is cooked just until the vegetables are soft and no longer recognizable. This adds the intense flavor that the best queso’s have. Adding american cheese with your Velveeta will give it more of a restaurant quality while keeping it from going solid. Great post, will definitely try it with white american cheese!
    This is a “save to favorites” page for sure.

  • Jason

    FYI. queso in restaurants ( Maudies, Keriby Lane, Matt El Rancho, etc. ) is not made from Velvetta ( nasty stuff ) it made from a better quality Velvetta like cheese. This cheese is made by Land o’ Lakes “Easy Melt”. The bad is you can only get it through a distributer.

  • Marla

    This was great. I added some green chilies and a little salt and pepper.
    You might want to add another jalapeño if you want it a little more spicy. Also had to add a bit more liquid. This was just as good or better than the restaurant version.

  • Tabby

    I just have to say that this is the BEST recipe for queso I have ever tasted! I’m standing over my mini crockpot now eating it like there’s no tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  • Edward from Atlanta

    I have also been looking for a queso recipe that worked! I bought some Mexican queso fresco, thinking, sounds like it should work, but it was crumbly and did not melt. So I went scouring the internet… found your blog.. and made this recipe.. it is smooth and delicious! Next time I will turn up the heat and add four times as much onion and twice as much jalapeno. Thanks Shawnda!

  • Brittany Williams

    Kerbey Lane!
    I was actually looking up this recipe for my recreation of Eggs Fransisco!

  • J Baker

    If you use a little sodium citrate you can make this with any type of cheese. Sodium citrate is similar to the salt that is used to make processed cheese and allows the cheese to hold together at higher temperatures.

    I use a little and then Queso fresco and asadera for the dip, yummy!

  • Karen Lawson

    WOW! Thank You for figuring out this memorable dip! Could this be the Famous Chuy’s Dip? It’s awesome! One huge tip I figured out was to add the milk first, or cream,or half and half, whatever your using. It is easier to heat a liquid first, then start to add a few slices of cheese that way you don’t even have to grate the cheese or worry about it burning. I just put mine in, incrementally, stirring in all the other ingredients. Didn’t saute my onion either. I find the onion to be amazing. I also used more liquid for best consistency, Either way, you can tweak it the way you want it.

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