Endangered Herbs: Basil

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My grocery store is notorious for not carrying items JUST when I need them. Around the end of November it was Rosemary. No where was there any fresh rosemary to be found. The weekend before Christmas it was fresh green beans – you can’t make green bean bundles without green beans! So our early Christmas celebration at mom and dad’s went on without green bean bundles.

This time – basil. It was no where to be found. A huge problem as I was planning on making a big ol’ batch of fresh pesto to munch on for the next few days. I had to get a jar of Classico basil pesto to make due. If this were summer of 2007, I wouldn’t have this problem. HEB is finally adding a new Central Market-HEB hybrid store on my side of Houston; conveniently across the street from my office. This area severely lacks a good grocery store. I cannot even begin to express how excited I am at the thought of being able to get basil, sushi rice, Tazo tea, and peppered jellies all at the same place! What a concept. No more of this hitting-three-grocery-stores business!

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  • I love going back to the beginning of blogs and catching up to the present…and I’ve picked yours to be my newest one (if you were wondering why I’m commenting on a post from a million years ago!). I love, love, LOVE Central Market! I always go in when I’m in the area and browse the aisles even if I don’t have to buy anything!
    Question: Do you freeze your fresh herbs? And if so, how do you do it? I’m wanting to freeze my fresh herbs…sometimes you don’t need a whole bunch of cilantro or parsley, even basil sometimes. I’d like it handy if I need a tablespoon or so and I don’t know a way to go about it.

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