Colosi’s Sicilia Rosso 2004

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I don’t like merlot. Or maybe the taste of merlot is just a taste I have not yet acquired. Either way, I don’t like merlot has somehow morphed into we don’t drink red wine. My husband and I decided that there were at least 2 other reds that we knew of that we could try (Shiraz and Chianti) so we’d venture out and get a bottle & give the old reds another try.

We hit up World Market while we were out running errands and discovered that there are apparently far more many red wines than we imagined. We ended up leaving with an Italian red, Colosi’s Sicilia Rosso. Our selection process for the Rosso was quite complex:

  1. Head to section with Italian flag sign (Italian food is fabulous so it seemed like a safe choice)
  2. Eliminate all merlots
  3. Eliminate any labels that mention leather and/or liquorish
  4. Pick based on label aesthetics from the few bottles left

Very complex selection process. It was warm and plummy with a hint of smokiness. Long story short, the wine paired wonderfully with dinner, which consisted of a super hearty pasta bowl and rosemary bread. We can now say that we like red wine, even if we find the Rosso to be the only one.

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  • Tilly Holmes

    i love Italian Food specially those juicy pastas. They are really delicious.’;”

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