A Mocktail: The Palauxma

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The Palauxma (a virgin Paloma)

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Cinco de Mayo! We are gearing up for our 2nd Annual Taquitos & Tequila pool party and I’m playing around with party menu ideas. And looking for every other excuse to whip up a new pool-side drink.

But I can’t decide which I dislike more to describe a drink lacking booze: Mocktail or Virgin. I guess if “virgin” makes me giggle, then that question probably answers itself, right?

So this is the Palauxma. It’s a faux Paloma.

The Palauxma is what a grapefruit margarita lover drinks on a school night. (Or when she’s out of tequila and running out for more would mean putting on real pants – and we all know that PJ pants are only acceptable in CVS after dark.)

(Sorry, Mom. That’s the ONLY reason there’s no tequila in this recipe.)

If you go to the right restaurant, the old waiter will light up briefly when you order it – because it’s just not a drink that people order – right before he goes all sadface on you to say that they don’t keep grapefruit soda behind the bar.

Instead of grapefruit soda, a simple – and much fresher – combo of grapefruit juice and club soda works even better. At home. Pants optional.

(And that 2-year old soda maker thingy collecting dust in the kitchen cabinet? Suddenly, its useful again.)

The Palauxma

Fresh grapefruit and lime juices are the star of this school-night version of the Paloma.


  • 1/2 cup fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice (about 1 large)
  • 1/4 cup fresh-squeezed lime juice (~2 limes)
  • 4 drops liquid stevia (or simple syrup or your favorite sweetener, to taste)
  • 3/4 cup club soda
  • 2 small glasses of ice
  • Lime or grapefruit wedges, for garnish


  1. Mix the grapefruit juice, lime juice, and the sweetener of your choice in a large glass or shaker.
  2. Divide club soda between two glasses of ice.
  3. Pour half of the grapefruit mixture into each of the glasses.
  4. Garnish with lime or grapefruit wedges, if using.


Yields: 2 servings

Slightly adapted from Annie's Eats

Estimated time: 10 minutes

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  • I’ve been holding out for one of those fabulous vintage soda siphons – but I’ve not found one yet. Might just break down and order one of the metal new aged ones! This sounds so light and refreshing.

  • Delia

    I totally could have used this recipe a few weeks ago when I would have given my right arm for a grapefruit margarita. I may event try it out this weekend.

  • I’m still stuck on the pool party bit… what?! We don’t even open our pool until Memorial Day and then it’s not even warm enough to swim in till late June ugh. Life sucks in the north 😉 I’ll take mine with some tequila because I have a whole unopened bottle ha!

    • It was warm enough outside to swim for a few days in February! (With it heated, of course.) You gotta move to Texas – the house next to me is for sale right now 🙂

  • Looks delicious!!! Perfect to cool down on a hot spring or summer day!

  • Love it! Looks delicious and perfect for summer sippin’. A tequila & taquitos pool party sounds AMAZING!

  • I’ve never actually had a paloma but given my love of grapefruit..I think we’ll be fast friends.

  • I have a feeling I will love these! I also have one of those soda makers collecting dust in the pantry, happy this will make some use of it! Tequila will be optional….of course.

  • I have to confess, I’ve never had any kind of grapefruit drink- except my Dad’s favorite, Fresca- but I may have to make this just because I love how clever the name Palauxma is.

  • Have you ever made carbonated juice with your soda machine? I like to drink Izze on occasion, but soda is too sugary. I would love to be able to make my own version of Izze!

  • I’ll take one (or two), add the tequila:-)

  • Love, love, love. I could drink these all day. Summer vacations coming up, so I’ll get to drink the real thing all day if I want to, as well. Great adaptation!

  • Uh, is it 5 o’clock yet?!? Love the comment to Mom about why it’s a Palauxma – I have to add that footnote for Mom into my virgin drinks as well… 🙂

  • You just made this preggers very very happy! I’ve been dreaming of a grapefruit margarita and alas I can sort of have one 🙂

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