Whole30: The Craft and Strawberry-Avocado Salsa

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I would literally steal candy from a baby right now. LITERALLY. Right this second. Even if that baby had a half-eaten, gag-inducing Cadbury Creme Egg. The legit ones. The ones that look like a real egg. Wrapped in chocolate.


Of course, that’s after I would punch the How I Met Your Mother writers in the boy parts. I gave you 9 years and you gave me…THAT?!

Guess I don’t have to tell anybody that the Whole30 processed sugar withdrawals have reared their impressively bitchy head.

[And also, was The Craft not one of the best movies of the 90s?!]

For the health of my personal being – but mostly the sake of my marriage – I inhaled dinner, grabbed my current book (Your Inner Fish), and headed to bed early.

Day 2
Breakfast – Um, I forgot to eat. For real. By the time I did preschool dropoff, ran a couple of errands, and turned in my hour on the treadmill, it was lunchtime.

Lunch – Leftover Spicy Date-Glazed Salmon, a baked sweet potato, and green beans

Dinner – Grilled chicken breasts (plain, grilled with S&P) topped with a mountainous scoop of strawberry-avocado salsa; baked sweet potato, and some steam-in-bag broccoli.

The hardest thing about today? EVERYTHING.

(And I’m a few days behind posting, but I’ve made the strawberry salsa twice this week just to have on hand. Because it also goes great with leftover salmon at lunch, too.)

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  • Not only was it one of the best movies of the 90’s – but it was also one of the best soundtracks of the 90’s too. Love it!

  • Michelle

    That looks freakin delicious. The movie matches your mood!! You have to love all the eyeliner..

  • Jen

    Have you seen the fan edit ending of HIMYM? After I watched it, I felt my rage subsiding…of course, I’m not doing the Whole 30, so that may be why. Catch it here, and see if it helps: http://popwatch.ew.com/2014/04/02/how-i-met-your-mother-ending-alternate-fan/

  • You can do it!! Just push through these first few days and it will all be so much better. (says the girl who just had pie <–hypocrite)

  • anna

    I love Your Inner Fish! Another good, albeit denser, read is Skull Wars.

    And, unrelated, do you eat fruit-flavored yogurt on this diet? I’ve done similar diets in the past, and yogurt is one of the only ways I’ve avoid a series of violent crime sprees/sobbing fits. For real.

  • Elisabeth

    Re: your PF – do you by any chance do yoga? I had nagging PF for more than a year, and had basically dropped running altogether and it still didn’t go away. It finally stopped after I stopped going to yoga because of a pregnancy and a change in the class time such that I couldn’t make it anymore. I picked up running again (slowly increasing mileage) after my pregnancy, and have not had any PF issues yet (fingers crossed!), so I think yoga must have been aggravating it, even though I thought it was supposed to help prevent it. One other thought- did you try a boot or a strassburg sock for sleeping? I tried the sock for a while, but eventually bought a boot on amazon that helped a lot. PF is an incredibly frustrating injury, I know. Best of luck.

    • I don’t do yoga, but I do have a boot and just felt like it was kind of a waste last year. However, I’m a little more than halfway through the Whole30, doing 4-5 hour-long treadmill sessions a week, and am having almost virtually no pain/issues so far this week!

  • UGH! PF is Awful. I still wear ugly, but comfortable shoes three years after mine healed because I’m afraid of getting it again. I ended up doing physical therapy + boot + enough Advil to damage my stomach + exercises and it finally got better about 9 months after I started. Good luck!!

    Thinking of doing the Whole30 thing, too. When I told my husband last night, he lovingly reminded me of what a complete bitch I was that week I tried to eat only raw foods a couple years ago. Ha! These stories make the best memories, eh? Doesn’t mean I won’t try to top it! 🙂 Any other good Whole30 recipes you love?

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