Garden Fridays: Double the Fun!

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Roma Tomatoes

How does your garden grow?

It has been a month since I planted too-early-but-not-really and had to start all over again. Since then, all kinds of great things have happened in the backyard. And they mostly fall under the “I haven’t killed it yet” category.


The really big thing, according to my inner 72-year-old? If you follow me on Instagram, you already know: we built a second raised garden bed. PLANT ALL THE TOMATOES.

Twice the square footage for my square foot garden. And twice the tomatoes to make a freezer full of the world’s best marinara and pizza sauce.

So what’s all in the ground?

Box 1
8 indeterminate (vining) tomatoes: black indigo, cherokee purple, black krim, beef steak, juliet, red and yellow brandywine, pineapple.
3 broccoli – I’m getting 2-3 crowns of broccoli a week for the last couple of weeks.

2 Roma tomatoes
2 zucchini
Black beauty eggplant
Green onions
Texas sweet onions

Red Seedless Grapevine

And let’s not forget that I-swear-it-was-dead red seedless grapevine that will now have to compete with tomatoes for space on the trellis. Oops.

San Marzano

White peach

Persian lime

Box 2
8 indeterminate (vining) tomatoes: San Marzano, juliet, beefsteak, cherry.
2 romas
2 bell peppers
New Mexico-style green peppers (I guess that’s what you call Hatch chiles that don’t grow in New Mexico)
Yellow zucchini
Green & purple beans
Purple beans

Potted: fennel and mint

Around the backyard: Young citrus (persian lime, key lime, navel orange, rio star grapefruit, blood orange, meyer lemon, eureka lemon, pink lemon), pomegranate, peaches (white and gold), and a celeste fig.

Rio Star grapefruit

I’ve mentioned it before, but if you’re looking for a good gardening reference or just a starting point to get you moving in the right direction, I highly recommend flipping through The Square Food Garden Method.

Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew

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  • That Britney gif literally made me laugh out loud, which was a welcome distraction from all the garden envy I’m currently experiencing.

  • So jealous! I still have a couple weeks until I can even plant anything, let alone having tomatoes on vine. But yay for your double the garden fun! 🙂

  • all this amazing sprouting going on in your back yard and I can’t even keep my cilantro alive. :-/ but I have hope for my new sprouts. here’s hoping that i can keep my tomatoes alive.

  • It’s looking wonderful! You must be super proud. I always have huge difficult growing tomatoes- I know they’re really not meant to be hard to grow but I’m just completely fail-tastic at it.

  • Pomegranate? Well, aren’t you fancy pants…

    I still continue to be extremely jealous of all your awesome citrus varieties!

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