Back Away From The Butter – It’s the Great Detox of 2015!

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My Favorite Salad Chicken

The butter and the heavy cream.

And those month-old cookie-exchange cookies still sitting on the plate on the counter. It’s okay, you have my permission to throw them out now. Or use them for clay shooting – they’re probably about the same texture now.

This week, like a gajillion (it’s a word) other people on this planet, I’m committed to cleaning up my diet to detox from The Great 6-Week Holiday Food and Drink Indulgence of 2014.

My “favorite” (and I use that word increeeeedibly loosely) detox of the past couple of years has been Whole30. After suffering from plantar fasciitis for months and months, I feel like the complete overhaul of my diet was a huge factor in getting rid of it (’cause Lord knows I couldn’t be bothered with those stupid toe-scrunchy exercises).

But my irregular heartbeat issue seems to flare-up while on it so I have shied away from going all-in on it again this year. So this year’s detox will be less trademarked-program and more just-get-back-to-plain-smarter eating: more plants, lean(er) proteins, less bad fats.

Duh, right?

Mojo-Brined Grilled Chicken Breast

From June to mid-November, I lost 31 lbs (before gaining 11 of it over the holidays – and man, was that a delicious 11 lbs) not by doing a trademarked program, but by focusing on smarter eating and getting the majority of my carbs from plant sources.

So beginning today, I’m sharing some of my favorite heavy-rotation dishes to make when I’m in detox/zip-my-skinny-jeans-wthout-laying-on-the-bed-and-saying-Mommy-words mode. You can follow along on Instagram for insta-gratification for your lighter meal ideas. And then check back in here a couple times a week for full recipes and recaps!

Mojo Brined Chicken

First up, My Favorite Salad Chicken. Because plain grilled chicken won’t inspire anyone to meet their health goals for longer than 3 days.

I make it in bulk on the weekends and I actually have a batch going in the fridge right now. It is flavorful and juicy. But the best part is, that for the next several days, I won’t have to worry “what am I going to eat for lunch and have I used my Chick-fil-A Calendar Card this month yet.” Because it is always ready to slice and top a green salad at lunch or waiting be shredded with some greek yogurt and chopped grapes or apples and tucked into a wrap for a much lighter chicken salad lunch.

Mojo Brined Chicken

Get the recipe here!

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  • LaDonna

    We had your favorite salad chicken for dinner last night and everyone loved it! We did make extra for school lunches and dinner tonight. I would love to see a post on your weekly or at least a few days meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks. Thanks and Love your site!

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