BBQ Chicken-topped Macaroni & Cheese

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BBQ Chicken Topped Mac & Cheese

What – no new Thanksgiving recipes? With work, soccer, swimming, scouts, work, and more work – my 6 year old has not asked for Chick-fil-A for two months and can pretty much use DoorDash all by herself at this point 🙂

But I got off easy this year – we have been instructed to show up to a northeast Houston suburb on Thanksgiving Day with Roasted Chesnut & Sausage Dressing, the Broccoli & Rice Casserole (but not the fancy version – the traditional one with it’s scandalously instant, white rice and brick of Velveeta), and booze.

The hardest decision I have to make this year: Cranberry or Pomegranate margaritas.

But we do still eat. And I do still cook. And to back this up, I present to you Exhibit B:

Exhibit A, if you’re wondering, is a cheesy drip down the front of my shirt. Some things, they never change.

We took a trip to Disney World for our 10th anniversary – with kid in-tow, because that’s how we party now – and had a pot roast-topped mac & cheese that was pretty magical for a trio of starving people who were hoarding meal plan credits to blow later in the day the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.

It’s as easy as it looks, barely-a-recipe recipe.

1. Whip up your favorite stove top macaroni and cheese recipethis is mine, although for this photo we tried out the Copycat Panera recipe to save you the trouble. If you haven’t tried it already… you can probably take a pass on it. Having eaten it at Panera two days before, it was light on the Copycat.

2. Toss shredded chicken with bbq sauce. I dropped frozen chicken breasts into the Instant Pot for 8 minutes and then delegated auto-shred duties to the mixer – I seriously do not know how the Pilgrims did it.

3. Scoop, top, and dig in.

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  • I like this. And, I miss you! Hope all is well, amigo 🙂

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