Project: Rocket Rolls

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Rocket Rolls

I was super excited when Amanda told me that she was selecting Rocket Rolls for Project Pastry Queen this week. I’ve had this recipe bookmarked since the very first time I flipped through the book.

Rocket Rolls

If crazy soft, fluffy white bread is your thing, you’ll like these rolls as much as we did. I made larger “sandwich rolls” (hamburger buns!) out of the dough instead of dinner rolls – I took one bite and thought, “I just made Sunbeam bread.” My second thought: “My family will go nuts over these at Christmas dinner.”

Rocket Rolls

Click over to Fake Ginger for the full recipe. Check out the Project Pastry Queen blogroll for more Rocket Rolls.

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  • these buns looks absolutely delicious!

    have a great time,

  • Beautiful roll…..great color.

  • Bread is my favorite thing to make, hands down. Haven’t made many rolls though, definitely need to try these, they look amazing!

  • jazmin

    they look amazing!!! I cant seem to find the recipe, I’ve browsed through the fake finger recipe’s and cant find the rocket rolls!! help! I reaaallllyy want to try them!

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