Day Tres: Food Blog Camp

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I’m not sure what was the most fun experience at Food Blog Camp today… getting the chance to capture some of Grand Velas’ most talented head chefs in action, in beautiful, perfect natural light. Having the White on Rice Couple pay us a huge compliment via twitter (squee!). Hearing David, Elise, and Jaden speak on the finer points of blogging. Or getting to experience the fantastic community that is food blogging.

It’s a good thing I don’t have to pick just one! Today’s Food Blog Camp agenda involved the business of blogging and other technical aspects before getting back to the artsy stuff.

There were several “aaaaaaah,” moments, many of which lead me to immediately install a few WordPress plug-ins to make life on the back end much, much easier. Other moments led me to jot another item on my quickly expanding blog to-do list. While I gleaned plenty of information and tips from the blogging and technical aspects, it was the artsy stuff that brought us to Mexico.

One of the top highlights was getting to shoot the chefs. In beautiful, natural light. With Todd, Dianne, and Matt just feet away for direction and help on shooting people and capturing their emotions around food.

One of my favorite shots of the day was of the head chef of the French restaurant Piaf, carefully plating his dish. All 6 feet plus of him, delicately, yet precisely, placing a tiny flower on top of a very small lemon segment. Such focus. Such surgical precision.

The light was beautiful. Dare I say… there was even too much light. Talk about a terrible problem to have, right? Most of us are struggling because there’s zero natural lighting at home by 6pm. Here, we were struggling not to over-expose our shots. Terrible problem, indeed.

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  • gosh it’s almost noon here en Suisse and I still have next to no natural light! dark gray skies every day are not helpful for taking pics. looks like some beautiful food and a great experience you are having in Mexico – and glad to see the photo of the napkin “reflector”! ha I do that a lot 🙂

  • Your pictures look fantastic and really do reflect the perfect setting!

  • What a fantastic experience. Too much light? Who ever heard of such a thing!

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