Sauce of the Day: Ricotta Butter Pasta Sauce

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Ricotta is my favorite non-deli cheese. It can be tossed into savory dishes (like this sauce), used for stuffed pasta fillings, or served as a dessert when dusted with cocoa, drizzled with honey, and served with fresh berries.

The Ricotta-Butter Pasta Sauce is a super fast sauce with only 3 ingredients – it cannot get much simpler than this!

4 oz butter
8 oz ricotta cheese
4 oz ham (any kind), finely chopped

Heat the ham and butter and remove from heat (begin the sauce after the pasta and water return to a boil).

Plate cooked pasta onto individual plates and place a dollop of Ricotta cheese on the hot pasta.

Spoon the ham/butter mixture over the cheese, toss, and eat.

Recommended pasta types: Tube

Source: Encyclopedia of Pasta Sauces

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