Tomato, Tomahto

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Big Boy Tomato

However you say it, I got two of ’em growing in my backyard right now.

Growing up, my parents nearly always grew a vegetable garden. Mom and Dad would bring fresh tomatoes and jalapeños, respectively, to the dinner table. Mom would slice that super juicy, red tomato, sprinkle it with salt and black pepper, and pass it around. Dad would cut the crisp bright green jalapeños into slices and keep those things all to himself 🙂

Big Boy Tomato

I planted two tomato plants – one Whopper and one Marglobe. I chose not to plant very many plants for fear of being over run and not being able to give the tomatoes away after a while.

Whopper tomatoes are one of the more popular hybrids, producing ginormous fruit of a pound or more. Marglobe tomatoes have a great “old world flavor” and taste more tomato-ey than other varieties. Marglobe are excellent canning tomatoes, which is something I’m looking forward to. Fresh tomatoes for pasta into the winter – Foodie Groom should eat good!

And yes, I’ve forgotten which plant is which… I’ll have to wait to see how large the tomatoes get to tell them apart.

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  • There is nothing quite like fresh tomatoes off the vine. One of my favorite summertime treats.

  • Your plants look great! Yum!

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