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Aka, “The Aftermath.”

Margarita Cupcakes

The bar is littered with empty Sauza and margarita mix bottles and the leftover fajitas and fixins tucked away safely in the fridge. No complaining about how much we (and by “we,” I mean “I“) drank or how poor the Rockets played last night – we got work to do!

Jason and I are building a buffet table/wine storage unit to store all of our wine – the floor of the poker room is no longer an acceptable storage place for all of our wine. We bottled a batch of Riesling a few months ago, we bottled a batch of Pinot Noir Thursday night, and are waiting (im)patiently on the Pinot Grigio to finish secondary fermentation so we can continue work on it.

We started with a stack of raw materials, my husband’s rocking wedding-present table saw, a sketch, and a wide-open weekend. I’ll post a picture after she’s painted, sealed, and loaded!

And speaking of The Aftermath… I had a leftover margarita cupcake for breakfast – those things are darn good. I didn’t make the green sugar coating this time and tripled the amount of lime juice in the frosting. And to get the frosting just a bit creamier for spreading with a spatula (pastry bags and alcohol don’t mix well in my kitchen), I added a splash of the margarita I was enjoying.

Best. Cupcakes. Ever.

Update: The wine cabinet/buffet table thingy is done. It will hold approximately 4-5 batches of wine (120-150 bottles). The Riesling and Pinot Noir have been moved to their new home already. I married Bob Vila. A much younger, good looking version of Bob Vila.


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  • So… is Bob available for contract projects? Your combination wine cabinet/buffet table is fabulous!

  • Your cabinet is fantastic. What skills you two have. I am impressed you could eat a cupcake the next morning. I couldn’t eat a thing.

  • What an awesome job your DH did. That looks awesome.

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