Battle of the Ridiculously-Named Cookies

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I’m always on the lookout for a better way to make… well, anything. I’ve been using Alton Brown’s recipe for The Chewy cookie for years. I was more than happy with that recipe until I ran across the Best, Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip (Chunk) cookies.

Good Lawd, those are some pretty cookies! Ginormous, perfectly browned around the edges with fractured centers, chewy, and super tasty.

I’ve heard good things about Tyler Florence’s My Big, Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies so I whipped up a batch of those guys as well. My husband usually never passes on the chance to play test kitchen judge when I want to bake!

Long story short, it wasn’t really even a contest. Tyler’s Big Fat Cookies were… ordinary. The cookies puffed up quite a bit, hiding the chocolate chunks. The texture was a bit more cakey than I was looking for, too. They were good, but definitely not pretty.

It’s truth-in-advertising for the Best Big Fat Chewy Cookies – those cookies were big, fat, and chewy and probably one of the best recipes for chocolate chip cookies that I’ve had the opportunity to make.

We’re a converted kitchen!

dscn0490b.jpg dscn0493b.jpg

I formed 1/4 cup cookie dough into balls and froze them since we’re limping along with our trusty little toaster oven.

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  • You’re baking cookies in a toaster ovem?!?
    But, then, after seeing how gorgeous they look, I would too!
    Time to buy a chunk of chocolate and get out the chocolate hammer (the kitchen tools know one talks about – chocolate hammer, pickle pliers,)

  • Deborah

    I’ve tried so many chocolate chip cookie recipes and usually end up liking the toll house recipe the best…but I haven’t tried this one yet!! I’m definitely putting this on the saved list!

  • I could be converted too. Those look amazing. The ball of dough…I just want to pop it right into my mouth!

  • I absolutely think the BFCCC cookies are the best cc cookie recipe out there. The toll house recipe had let me down for years and made me think I was a terrible baker! I tried the BFCCC and they are just so perfect looking and so tasty! It boosted my confidence as a baker 🙂 Tyler won’t let me make any other chocolate chip cookies anymore. I like your comparison pics, and I still can’t believe all you’re doing with your little toaster oven. I’ve never used mine for anything but toast…I haven’t figured out how to bake with it yet.

  • those look great! and from a toaster oven? wow!

  • Jeannette

    I gave this recipe a try since food bride thought it was better than Tyler’s recipe. I wish I could agree!! Tyler’s ARE the Ultimate Chocolate Cookie. The recipe for the Best Big Fat Chewy cookie is just too sweet! Now I have a whole recipe I guess I’ll bake and give away to someone…not sure who though!

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