KitchenAid Christmas in July

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KitchenAid Mixer Imperial Grey Imperial Black KitchenAid Mixer

Our new children – for $150 each. Lowe’s most recent ad ran a misprint for a sale on the 5-qt Artisan stand mixer for $150. The store that we frequent honored the sale price through special order – and Lowe’s computer system had the $150 price loaded for all 5-qt mixers except the professional series (we tried… couldn’t hurt!).

The copper mixer above retails for 489-529. There is also a $30 rebate on the Artisan mixers – $120 for one of baking’s most useful tools.

Go to the KitchenAid website, find your model number and head in to the store (some stores have been accepting phone-in orders). The sale price is good through the weekend but I’d call your local store first since there has been inconsistent information on when Lowe’s will stop honoring the sale price.

Christmas in July – or get your Christmas shopping done in July. A great deal, no matter how you look at it!

Updated info:
The ad came out approx 7/11. It was on the inside front page. We special-ordered two artisan mixers in-store with the ad in-hand, and when we realized that the Metallic line was also covered later in the evening, we went to another store. We did not have the ad but it didn’t make a difference because the price for the metallic line mixers in the system was $150.

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  • Karen

    Ok…so I’ve wanted one of these for a ridiculously amount of time. However, I live @ home, my mom has one, and I just think to myself…”do you really need one of these?”


  • Karen – the regular Artisan line retails for 299-349. It’s basically 2-for-1 🙂

  • Shawnda: I am officially declaring my love for you…right here, right now. After reading your post I frantically called Loews, and my friend and I jumped in the car and headed there to order our Chrome metallic mixers. The only thing that scared me was he said, after we paid “we’ll call you if there are any problems”, as in, they may not have enough for everybody.

    Three weeks is gonna feel like eternity!

  • Wow I have one, but I am soooo jealous. Good spotting!

  • Maggie

    Thanks so much for sharing!!! I’ve got one of my own but am thinking seriously about running over there for Christmas gifts… : )

  • Amanda

    Shawnda, Do you know which ad it was pictured in? I looked on the online ad, but I didn’t see it pictured on there? Just in case they ask…Thanks!

  • Amanda – the ad came out approximately July 11th. One store still had a stack of the ads by the front door, the other store didn’t. There was no expiration date on the ad, so I called and asked if the KA mixers were still on sale through special order – it sounded better than asking “Hey, can I still cash in on your screw-up? 🙂

  • Update:

    Another friend just came from the Brooklyn Loewes, and was told it was NOT a misprint, just a special offer. She was able to order from the whole array of colors, while my friend and I this morning were told it was metallic only….hmm….whatever! As long as I get my 3 (or even 1) I ordered, I will be happy.

  • Have you ever used one? I’ve been thinking about purchasing one, but I’ve heard mixed reviews. People either love it or say they never use it.

  • Kitty – that’s awesome! For everything I’ve heard, I’ve heard a contradiction 🙂 But I do know it will be a long three weeks 🙂

    Susan – I have. I’m the proud owner of a girly-pink mixer. I bake quite a bit and use it for all aspects (making doughs, batters, frostings, whipping meringues) as well as mashed potatoes and pizza & bread doughs.

  • Amanda

    I just called my local Lowes, which is about 60 miles away (I live on an island)and the price they qouted me for the copper series was $150. Snatched that baby up. Keeping my finger crossed that it comes. Thanks so much for the heads up!!! 🙂

  • Holy heck…I’m going there first thing in the morning! I have a professional Kitchen Aid, but I’ve been eying a pink one for so long. What a deal!

  • Elsa

    Hey there!
    I frequent your site often for your yummy recipes! Thank you SOOO much for posting this sale mishap on your website. I went straight after work and snatched a red one!

    As of 6:30pm on Friday the computers had fixed the error and they are all now back to $299. Whewww, I got one though!

  • Wahhhh 🙁 I just got back from Lowe’s and they said the “sale” ended on the 26th. I guess you snooze, you lose! I would have loved a pink one.

  • hmmmm….Need to go see if the lowe’s by me is over…I can fit 2 on my counter…:)

  • I just checked…over here too – oh well!! Thanks for the juicy info though!

  • Hey…did you get the distressing phone call as well? Yesterday, August 11th, my friend and I got a call from our local Loews saying the stand mixers are backordered…until December! Arrrrgh!

  • Yes 🙁 They called on Friday to tell me that the copper mixer would be back-ordered ’til December. I called KitchenAid directly after seeing “Ships next business day” on their website for the copper mixer – they had 4 in stock. 4.

    The lady offered to ship me a copper mixer if I canceled my Lowe’s order… and paid full price. I’ll wait 🙂

  • Amanda

    So you are waiting too? I debated it for about half a second and then told the nice gentleman from Lowes that I would wait until December as well for my copper one. Oh well. A surprise Christmas gift for me.
    You think there is any hope they would ship earlier?

  • zhuliye

    Lowe’s computer system had the $150 price

    ”do you really need one of these?”

    me TO~!
    “BBQ Grill” “BBQ Grill”

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