Mahi Tempura with Steamed Vegetables

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It was my husband’s favorite meal of our entire honeymoon – Mahi Tempura served on a bed of steamed vegetables and sweet & sour sauce. I bust it out every once in a while as a special treat and serve it with a good loaf of crusty bread and an appetizer of shrimp cocktail.

It’s not the from-scratch recipe that we ate on our honeymoon, but in spite of all the shortcuts, it is still very tasty. And very easy to prepare for a mid-week meal.
10 white shrimp (washed, deveined, and cooked)
3 Tbsp cocktail sauce

2 small Mahi filets, cut into strips
2 cups dry tempura batter, divided in half
3/4 cups ice cold water
Salt and pepper to taste
Sweet & sour sauce

Place 1 cup dry tempura batter into a shallow dish for dredging; season with salt and pepper.

Whisk 3/4 cups ice cold water in a bowl with the remaining 1 cup dry tempura batter.

Dredge Mahi in seasoned dry batter, dip into wet batter, and drop into cooking oil heated to 375. Cook 3-4 minutes on each side, until golden brown.

Serve the fish alongside steamed vegetables (I opt for Birdseye steam-in-bag Asian Medley veggies for a quick side) and a good loaf of bread.

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