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Madeline at Everything Rachael Ray posted a gem yesterday. If you’re huge Lost fans like us, you too are probably going through Lost withdrawals. Need just one new from-the-island Lost-related tidbit? Well, here you go!

A recent episode of Rachael Ray’s talk show sported a canister of cocoa powder manufactured by the Dharma Initiative. Those guys are everywhere!

Madeline also uncovered the mystery behind all those crazy labels on the products featured on Rachael Ray’s shows. I always wondered where she shopped for those retro groceries!

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  • I’m glad I’m not the only one that was excited to see the Dharma logo on TV again! The person who does her labels even left a comment on my post. He says to look out for Simpson, Seinfeld and other tv/movie hints on the labels, too.

    Now I will be completely distracted when watching the show….

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