Test Kitchen: The New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies

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When the good Lord was handing out patience, I was almost certainly standing in front of a dessert case somewhere, tapping my foot and clicking my fingernails while the girl behind the bakery counter too slowly retrieved my pastry.

And where was I when they were handing out will power? Guess.

Earlier this week, Jill tipped me off to an article in the New York times about a subject very near and dear to my heart (and hips): chocolate chip cookies. The pros have decided that one of the secrets to a good cookie is hydration – letting the dough rest for 24-36 hours produces a better cookie than the mix-and-dish method.

I guess it’s simple enough, right? They want me to let the super yummy raw dough from my favorite recipe sit, undisturbed. In my refrigerator. For 36 hours. Riiiiight.

But I am a good sport so I’ll happily play along 🙂

The dough went into the fridge in three small batches: 3/4 cup of dough mixed with Tcho Chocolatey, 3/4 cup of dough mixed with Tcho Fruity, and the rest mixed with milk chocolate melting discs (for my husband, of course). All strategically placed behind a batch of cake truffles and none missing so much as a single nibble. I swear. And they shall sit there for a magical 36 hours.

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  • What? Ummmmm what? Not eat the cookie dough in the fridge? I cannot wrap my mind around this concept….the cookie monster would NOT be pleased!!

  • Oh dear. I have wanted to make these ever since reading the article and watching other foodies make them. Alas, I’m not as good of a sport as you and I can’t wait 36 hours! I’ve heard 24 hours is plenty…

  • I baked these yesterday, and I ate a ridiculous amount of dough during the waiting period. I probably should have moved the dough to a smaller bowl and hidden it behind something. Instead, I just covered my mixer bowl with plastic wrap, so that every single time I opened the refrigerator, I was confronted by temptation.

  • I’ve read the same article and I’m tempted to try it myself too!

  • I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I am also fascinated by chocolate chip cookies. Everyone seems to have their own favorite. I think they should come out with some type of personality test linked to them. Like, “What kind of chocolate chip cookie are you?”

  • ooh, you’re ahead of me. I’ve been staring at that recipe for a couple of weeks, planning to make them, but so far I’ve only made excuses (well, and other things instead – I made up a mini chocolate-covered cheesecake thing that worked well but along with the blueberry peach muffins that got us through Wednesday’s crunch, and the peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies that got us through Tuesday, I feel I should wait a few more days. An excuse.

    Good luck – ready to hear how it works for you!

  • Yeah, I just don’t know that I could wait that long without eating all the dough…I never do well with cookie dough sitting in my fridge.

  • ruhama

    Like everyone else, I’m eagerly awaiting your results! I, too, was intrigued about leaving it, but I generally use (butter flavored) Crisco, not butter, so I don’t know how effective this method would be for my cookies…

  • Cookie dough is always safe in my house since I like the finished product best.

  • I love love love these cookies! I made them the same day a friend at work told me about the article. They’re awesome after 36 hours of sitting in the fridge, but I’ve also baked them same day, and people still rave. Never hurts just to steal a *little* cookie dough …. 😉

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