PPQ: “Pretty in Pink” Shortbread Cookies

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Shortbread Snowflake Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing

Danmy selected this week’s Project Pastry Queen challenge: Pretty in Pink Shortbread Cookies. At the Rather Sweet Bakery in Fredericksburg, the cut-out cookies are sold in the shape of a pig and glazed with a pink icing in memory of the baker’s pet pig.

Aside from the occasional nervous twitch and flashbacks to a work top covered with 1000+ icing-less maple leaf cookies (I swear I couldn’t open my hand for a week after that order) and washing decorating bags and piping tips in the large stainless sink at my parents’ bakery, I actually did have a ton of fun with this week’s challenge. Who doesn’t love decorating snowflake sugar cookies when it’s 75 degrees and humid as heck in November 🙂

The recipe yields a good, solid sugar-shortbread cookie – a deliciously buttery hybrid between a soft sugar cookie and a sandy shortbread cookie. Most definitely one of the top “not from our bakery” recipes that I’ve tried. A couple of changes:
– I made half the recipe and added 1/2 tsp almond extract and a pinch of salt to the recipe.
– I also rolled the cookies a bit thicker than the suggested 1/4 inch and still got 18 large snowflake cookies. The recipe instructs against rolling the dough scraps out more than twice because it creates a “tough cookie.” I rolled the scraps 5 or 6 times and the cookies from the last batch were just as buttery and tender as the first batch.
– I decorated the cookies with royal icing instead of the recommended powdered sugar glaze. And I decorated them with the “I still don’t know if I’m supposed to eat them or not” dragees.

And I learned a new trick to get out of washing decorating bags! Nearly all of my bags are reusable (read: have to be washed) since I inherited them from the bakery. The “plastic wrap trick” worked fabulously – the inside of the bag was completely clean. All I did was pull out the plastic wrap and wash the tip and coupler.

I’m totally ready to go Christmas shopping now 🙂 And ready to tackle my parents’ recipe (12 lbs of flour, anyone?) for a more manageable at-home version to compare them to these cookies. Check out the other Project Pastry Queen members’ take on the cookies and Danmy will have the full recipe on her site.

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  • SO CUTE! Snowflake shaped cookies always taste better.

    I made these a few weeks back and I guess I should’ve let them chill longer after cutting because they spread horribly and you couldn’t even tell which cookie cutter I used. I’ll have to try them again after reading your rave review!

  • Oh my goodness, those are BEAUTIFUL! I’ve never worked with royal icing before, but this might get me in the kitchen.

    And LOL about the dragees- I never know if I’m supposed to eat them either!

  • These snowflake cookies are beautiful! Thanks for baking with me this week!

    Question – are you eating those silver dragees?

    • Thanks, Danmy! No eating of the dragees… and not for my lack of trying. The bottle says, “For Decoration Only” and they mean it – there’s a plastic pellet in the center of each ball 🙁

  • Those are absolutely gorgeous! They’re getting me in the mood for Christmas and winter, even though Thanksgiving hasn’t even come around yet 🙂

  • Those are beautiful! They sound delicious too!

  • wow these are so pretty! and what a great tip for cleaning pastry bags–thanks!

  • The only Christmas baked good my brother likes are vanilla cookies with frosting. Little does he know…he’s getting pink snowflakes this year.

  • Beautiful cookies! I’ve been doing the plastic wrap trick, too, ever since seeing it on Sugarbelle. LOVE that I can reuse even the disposable bags!

  • These are so gorgeous- nicely done!

  • These are beautiful!

  • These cookies are beautiful. I absolutely love the tip on cleaning the pastry bag! I am definitely going to share.

  • What beautiful cookies! I love snowflakes.

  • Your stars are gorgeous!! I’m so impressed. I’ve made these many times myself although none so fancy as yours. I roll them out inside a ziplock bag. Makes the whole cutting out process so much easier.

  • Gorgeous!!!

  • Thanks so much for sharing that decorator bag tip–that’s incredible! I’ll have to share that with a friend who decorates lots of cookies.

  • SO glad you posted these! I’m hosting a pink and gray baby shower with a snowflake theme and these are 100% perfect for it! So beautiful!

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